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Ferrari launched the 986-strong SF90 Stradale, a plug-in hybrid engine and a new 8-speed gearbox

The most powerful Ferrari ever produced has just officially launched as SF90 Stradale. In particular, this supercar has a plug-in hybrid powertrain with a supercharged V8 engine, producing a total of nearly 1,000 horsepower. Ferrari has not said anything more about the order time or the price of this new model.

Specifically about the power of Ferrari SF90 Stradale, under the rear capo is a turbocharged 4.0 V8 engine with a maximum capacity of 769 horsepower and a maximum torque of 800 Nm. Combined with that, there are 3 electric motors, 2 in front and 1 in the rear can create a total of 217 horsepower. At the same time, the SF90 Stradale is also Ferrari's first mid-engine configuration car with a full-wheel-drive 4-wheel drive system.

The next notable point at the Stradale SF90 is that it is equipped with a new 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. According to Ferrari, the gearbox has a 100-millisecond gear shift compared to the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission on the 488 Pista. Not only that, this new dual-clutch gearbox is nearly 10 kg lighter than the previous generation and the SF90 Stradale has a total weight of about 1,569 kg. Thus, for a total of 986 horsepower, the SF90 Stradale has a power / weight ratio of over 628 horsepower / ton.

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 2.5 seconds and costs 6.7 seconds to reach 200 km / h. At a speed of 250 km / h, the car receives 390 kg of compressive downforce down the road. The maximum speed of this supercar is 340 km / h and it completes a run at Fiorano racetrack which takes 1 minute 19 seconds.

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A plug-in hybrid vehicle, the SF90 Stradale has a pure eDrive Mode operating mode, allowing the car to travel the farthest in about 25 km and maximum speed of up to 133 km / h. Other modes that the driver can choose include Hybrid, Performance and Qualify. Meanwhile, the electric motor plays the main role of providing torque to assist when the vehicle accelerates as well as overcoming the latency of the turbocharged engine (turbo lag).

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Ferrai's familiar design cabin, the SF90 Stradale, is inspired by racing cars. The notable highlight lies in the digital speedometer table up to 16 "in size, along with the steering wheel with touch buttons (touch pad) instead of the physical hard button as before.


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