Ferrari 488 GTB sea five quarters, bodykit package over 1 billion down the street in Saigon

Ferrari 488 – a supercar model that once “stormed” in the Vietnamese market, was spent billions of dollars upgrading custom packages, one of which was the Novitec Rosso branded bodykit package that was once a giant Da. Nang spent money on this “super horse” sea five quarters.

Ferrari 488 GTB carries the most “VIP” license plate in Vietnam so far

Back to Vietnam in 2016 – the time when a series of Ferrari 488 GTBs returned home with the number of about 6 units in just 1 year, this “super horse” quickly went to the garment business in Da Nang. The car was released to the five-quarter number plate, which surprised the car players in Vietnam with the willingness of the car owner.


In addition, this businessman also owns the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Verona Edizione worth 240 million VND, accompanied by a number plate that is not inferior to the remaining “super horse”: 43A-567.89. At that time, this duo made car enthusiasts in Vietnam crazy. However, the Huracan was sold to Saigon and then returned to the Hanoi giants.

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What does Novitec Rosso bodykit package on Ferrari 488 GTB in the 5th quarter sea?

If the Huracan was modified Vorsteiner’s exterior package and Capristo exhaust system, the Ferrari 488 GTB was upgraded to a Novitec Rosso bodykit worth more than 1 billion VND. Original, the front bumper of the car is somewhat gentle, but the Novitec package has added a cladding and carbon fiber front bumper to increase the sportiness of the car.

ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-5 ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-6

The original side bumper has also been replaced with carbon. The owner of the Ferrari 488 GTB five-quarter number plate for the fifth quarter also equips his “pet car” with a black Y-shaped multi-spoke sports wheel from the famous brand Vossen, contributing to a strong appearance. more unique.

ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-7 ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-8

The rear bumper and diffuser of the car are also made from carbon fiber to reduce the weight of the car while retaining the aerodynamics.

ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-9 ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-10

In particular, the details such as the rear light recesses, rear exhaust slots, partial rearview mirror cladding, the side air intakes are all made from carbon fiber to keep the black accents of the Ferrari 488 GTB but towards the ability to minimize vehicle weight.

ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-11 ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-12

ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-13 ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-14

Not stopping there, the Novitec Rosso package also provides this “super horse” with a copper spoiler with a diffuser, the purpose of which is to improve aerodynamics and help the car to be stable when moving at speed. high.

ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-15 ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-16

Ferrari 488 GTB five-quarter sea has a unique brown interior

This super car has a length × width × height of 4,568 × 1,952 × 1,213 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,650 mm, respectively. The interior compartment on this Novitec 488 GTB with main brown tones instead of the familiar black-red, increases the elegance but no less sporty.

ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-17 ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-18

This “Italian Super horse” uses a 3.9L V8 twin-turbocharged engine that produces 670 horsepower at 8000 rpm and a maximum torque of 760 Nm at 3000 rpm, comes with a box Getrag 7-speed dual-clutch gear based on F1 racing technology.

ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-19 ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-20

Ferrari 488 GTB is priced at no less than 14 billion in the Vietnamese market

Thus, Ferrari 488 GTB can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 3 seconds before reaching a top speed of 330 km / h. The selling price of this model in Vietnam is not less than 14 billion depending on the options added on the car with the new tax rate from July 1, 2016. This super car has been upgraded by many Vietnamese giants, such as Liberty Walk, Mansory × Pogea Racing.

ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-21 ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-22

ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-23 ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-24

ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-25 ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-26

ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-27 ferrari488novitecngu5-cafeautovn-28

Photo: Le Hung


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