Feng Timo won the music award again and took out 30 works to hit the face: I will keep singing

Feng Timo won the music award again and took out 30 works to hit the face: I will keep singing

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Speaking of Feng Timo, I believe that the players of League of Legends are very familiar with it. As one of the most popular female anchors in China, Feng Timo has successfully crossed the circle from an unknown game anchor to the current Chinese music scene. Up the heel. Recently, Feng Timo was once again invited to the TMEA Tencent Music Entertainment Festival and won the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award.

Feng Timo appeared in a beautiful dress that day. She looked like a fairy on the stage. The light-transmitting design of the long dress perfectly showed her fair skin and collarbone. No wonder Feng Timo. The barrage on the stage is beautiful.

It is worth mentioning that when Feng Timo gave his acceptance speech, in addition to thanking the organizers and fans for their support for many years, he also responded to the doubts of black fans over the years.

At that time, Feng Timo’s original words were like this: From the beginning of being an anchor to now becoming a singer, in fact, I already have more than 30 original singles of my own, and then I feel that no matter what identity is defined, there is no It is so important, because I will always love to sing and always bring nice songs to everyone.

It has to be said that the frequency of the release of Feng Timo’s original singing works in the past year is very productive. In less than a year, more than a dozen singles have been released. The earliest “Buddha Girl” before it became famous has long been popular all over the country, even Even foreign netizens like listening to her songs very much. It is really not easy for a game anchor to get to this point.

And Feng Timo’s remarks are undoubtedly hoped to tell everyone that she is no longer a little Timo who only broadcasts games. No matter how many questions and difficulties, she will continue to walk on the road of singers in the future. Go down.

Xiaodou summary:

In the game live broadcast circle, there are not a few anchors like Feng Timo who choose to make a cross-border debut, but I am afraid that only Feng Timo has succeeded after so many years. It must be said that there is definitely luck, but strength and hard work should account for a larger part. What?


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