Feng Timo, the dark horse in the music scene, once again appeared, holding trophies, and competing on the same stage with various big guys

Feng Timo, the dark horse in the music scene, once again appeared, holding trophies, and competing on the same stage with various big guys

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I believe that many friends know Feng Timo, because her development speed is very fast, even many singers predecessors praise her.

In recent years, Feng Timo is using his own way to let more people recognize her.

For example, her excellent personal works and various variety shows she participated in can make people see her at the first time.

Her strength is also very worthy of recognition.

Just last year, Feng Timo was invited to participate in several variety shows, and the ratings are very good.

For example, in “Our Song”, Feng Timo was involved in the first season, so her arrival in the second season was also expected by fans.

Moreover, Feng Timo performed very well in the second season, and he also worked with the very popular singer Zhang Bichen.

The two completed the song “Fantastic” together. Because of their unique voices and beautiful shapes, they directly landed on the hot search on Weibo, almost all of them were praised by fans.

This also makes more fans look forward to more cooperation between the two in the future.

Of course, in addition to cooperating with Zhang Bichen, Feng Timo has also collaborated on a lot of songs with his predecessor Zhong Zhentao.

For example, “Glory Years” and “Crazy for Love” have also been praised and sought after by fans.

That is to say, in this variety show, Feng Timo was praised by Li Coun’s seniors: He is a singer with unlimited prospects!

These are not empty words, because Feng Timo’s efforts in these years have also been seen by fans, such as her practicing her vocal skills day after day.

As well as her experience of working while ill, fans sweated for her, and they were worried about whether her small body could hold it.

Just recently, Feng Timo has appeared in people’s field of vision again. It is the music festival held by Tencent. There are also many popular stars participating in the same period.

For example: Zhou Shen, Xiaogui and Cai Xukun are all powerful singers.

In this music festival, Feng Timo also won his own award, which is the “Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award”.

This award is also a proof of Feng Timo’s strength, because for her, almost everything she wants to work hard to do is to make her breakthrough herself.

For example, when she was questioned by black fans, she never came out for a while, but with her perseverance, she reached the current height.

It’s really a little girl who makes people want to like her.

Of course, Feng Timo is developing very well now, whether it is her singing skills or her dancing skills, they are constantly improving.

These advancements are also inseparable from her efforts, and I look forward to her going further and further on the road of chasing her dreams.

While bringing people excellent works, I can constantly enrich myself and enjoy every day happily.


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