Marites Allen, who was known as the Queen of Feng Shui of the Philippines.  Photo:

Feng shui expert predicts the year 2021

Marites Allen, a famous Filipino feng shui expert, predicts 2021 to be a favorable year for the Rabbit, Ox, Tiger, Horse, and Rooster.

Those born in the year of the Rat, the Pig, the Goat, the Dragon and the Ty will probably have to struggle to deal with more challenges this year. This year, people born in the Rat year are easily sick, so they should avoid being too busy so as not to affect their health, according to Mrs. Allen.

For people aged Ox, 2021 is a great year to take advantage of the energy it brings. This year, people born in the Ox year will have great success in their careers and fortune, but may face challenges in their personal relationships and need to be balanced.

Marites Allen, who is known as the Queen of Feng Shui of the Philippines. Image:

2021 is also a year full of opportunities and luck for the Tigers, promising a new good job and great success. Allen advises that Tigers should be vigilant about who they trust this year and be careful in all dealings.

Tan Ox is a great year for people of the Rabbit year to learn new skills. This age can switch a new job, a business or explore a new industry.

Thin people this year have many opportunities to make money, but face challenges in personal relationships. Actively doing charity work can help Dragon people reverse their bad luck this year.

As for people of the year of the Snake, expert Allen warned to avoid impulsive trading and participate in venture capitalism because it can cause large financial losses. On the contrary, people of the Horse age will be supported by nobles, have luck in all aspects, have the opportunity to advance in their career.

People born in the Goat year will face a lot of troubles this year, possibly facing lawsuits and financial loss. And people born in the family age will face many great opportunities, but they should be careful with their words and words and avoid anger.

Tan Suu is a good time for Rooster people to expand their business and invest. However, Rooster people are not too busy but neglect the relationships around them.

For people aged Tuat, 2021 requires patience and will to start a new goal. This year is not a good time to change jobs or invest in the venture market, avoid lending money and do not try too hard in physical activities.

People born in the year of the Pig need to pay attention to their personal and relatives’ health this year. Despite facing some small challenges, people born in the year of the Pig still have a chance to succeed financially.

The New Year has the Kim element in the five elements, so this year the whole world will see many large-scale mass vaccinations. Economically, the Filipino feng shui expert predicts that technology businesses will continue to grow well.

“However, sectors related to Turkey, such as real estate, may also grow well this year,” Ms. Allen added.

Hanz Cua, another Filipino feng shui expert, also gave the same opinion, advising people interested in business to invest in technology-related fields this year.

“Electronic computers, the Internet, mobile phones, online businesses on social networks will continue to boom in 2021,” Cua said. He predicted that 2021 still has the element of Thuy, so this year “there may be many disasters related to water such as storms and floods”.

Thierry Chow, a feng shui in Hong Kong, said that the metal-related industries will have a big change this year.

“In Eastern culture, the buffalo is the zodiac sign of hard work. It usually represents movement, so this year hopefully the world will be less calm than last year and will move again in the second half of the year. “, Said Chow.

Hong Hanh (According to the Sunstar / CNN)


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