Feng Shaofeng celebrated Zhao Liying's birthday, Minglan's second uncle showed affection again, netizens: ate a mouthful of dog food
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Feng Shaofeng celebrated Zhao Liying’s birthday, Minglan’s second uncle showed affection again, netizens: ate a mouthful of dog food

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On the afternoon of October 16th, Feng Shaofeng tweeted on social platforms: “My birthday wishes comments were overwhelmed in an instant.” These remarks made a lot of netizens laugh, because Zhao Liying’s birthday news at that time was full of the warm hearts of fans. Leave a message, Feng Shaofeng’s comments are hard to find. Netizens said, let Feng Shaofeng not destroy the fan formation.

However, three hours after Feng Shaofeng’s post, his comments were immediately praised by netizens as the number one hot comment. When Feng Shaofeng sent his blessings, he secretly poked a show of affection. The cry of “wife” made many people say it was too sweet, and they ate a dog wolf.

On the day when Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying announced their marriage, they deliberately chose the special moment of 10:07, because Feng Shaofeng’s birthday was on October 7.

Feng Shaofeng just turned 42 this year, while Zhao Liying is 33 years old. The difference between the two is 9 years old but there is almost no generation gap. Zhao Liying always kindly calls her husband “Second Uncle”. When celebrating Feng Shaofeng’s birthday, he said: “Second uncle, happy birthday, see Han Song tonight.”

The reason why Zhao Liying has always called him “Second Uncle” is because in “Knowing or Not Knowing He Should Be Green, Fat, Red and Thin”, Zhao Liying plays the clever and virtuous Ming Lan, Feng Shaofeng is the second son of Gu Yanye, and the title of “Second Uncle” From here.

“Knowing whether it should be green, fat, red and thin” can be regarded as their work of determination, but as early as 2016, the two collaborated on “Journey to the West: The Kingdom of Daughters”, and the two had a tacit understanding in and out of the play. After marriage, life has always been very happy.

Zhao Liying’s studio released a beautiful photo of her closing her eyes and wishing at midnight. Since her debut, Zhao Liying has participated in popular dramas such as “The Legend of Lu Zhen”, “A Thousand Bone of Flowers” and “The Story of Chu Qiao”. , Her acting skills are getting more and more exquisite.

Not long ago, Zhao Liying formally joined the filming of “Happiness to Ten Thousands”, playing He Xingfu. The show became very popular when it started.

I wish Zhao Liying a happy birthday, and hope that she and Feng Shaofeng will continue to be in love. I believe she will not disappoint everyone’s expectations and continue to bring better works.



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