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Feel fast from a goer Yamaha Exciter 150 2014 via Honda Winner X

In this article, I will describe my feelings with the look of a normal person so I will not mention much about the specs.


The Honda Winner X exudes a sporty, sporty, slightly styled look of a large displacement vehicle. The car's jacket is a combination of many parts to make it feel like the car becomes stronger and bigger than the previous one. At first when I looked at the photos on the Internet, I found the car to be a bit sluggish, but when I went to Head Honda to see the car, my thoughts were different.

This car has the same quiet height compared to the Exciter 150, which is 795mm, but when I sit up feeling higher, and my legs are more straight forward, before I went to Exciter 150, I could not stand straight.

What I don't like about the appearance is the front part. At the place where the horn was designed, it was a bit rough, and some of you saw this like me. I hope Honda Vietnam will produce a toy that is a longer part covering a part of this horn.


I personally like Yamaha Exciter's 150-year life clock from 2014 to 2018 when compared to 2019 and Honda Winner X watch. Because the Exciter 150 watches show clear, big and clear parameters. Needle-type rewinding clock gives a more sporty feel.

The Honda Winner X watch is inherited from Honda CBR150 2019's watch. This watch is beautiful and clear. The clock displays full information such as: rewinding, speed, number, fuel, hour, trip a / b, odo, fuel consumption, average speed. When used under sunny conditions, the clock will be slightly reflective and dazzling 1 but still use completely normal.

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Shock Absorbers

First shock absorber: This is one of the reasons for me to switch from Exciter 150 to Winner X. The feeling of passing through the potholes gives me the feeling of not being stalled, the shaking floor, not jolting into the steering wheel like Exctier 150, there is no cry of a fork or an ancient cup when going through many potholes.

Rear shock absorber: The rear fork is stiff but feels solid when walking on bad roads. When I still use Exciter 150, every time I walk through the road slightly undulating, because the rear fork is softened, it will give you a feeling of unsteadiness. Because the rear fork is hard, we will feel uneasy when we go where the roads are undulating.


My favorite Honda Winner X pô is very nice, like pô. When we go for less than 5000 rounds, we still feel noisy. But when we go up but rewinding the machine higher, the pô gives the sound power and loudness, creating a feeling of excitement for the driver. Those who used to play through fake fake studios zin for Uma Exciter 150, Winner X's pô will be similar.

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The pedestal is designed to be high, but the hole is slightly larger and prickly, so when stopping the red light, the steam coming out of the exhaust can affect the person who stops behind.

I really like this piano, it makes my driving feel more "confusing". When I tried this Honda Winner X, because the sound was good, I decided to change the car : p


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Yen still has a slope, but it is not as high as the previous life. I tried comparing it to my previous life, and the previous life was higher from about 5 cm. Those who go Exciter 150 will feel familiar with the slope of this saddle.

Regarding the previous saddle, combined with the lower-made handlebars for a more sporty feeling, we will lean forward a little bit closer to the Exciter 150's seat. gives a feeling of sitting firmly.

About the following yen, there is improvement to be better. Yen after I feel thicker than the Exciter 150. Through the process, I have to sit and try it myself, it feels smooth when I go through the potholes. But the back saddle is a bit small and will cause some discomfort to some of you who have a slightly larger third round.

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You can imagine the width of the saddle through your hands, about 20 cm of your hands, with the Exciter 150.


It was still dark, but it still met the criteria for walking in the street. If you want to go far away, you should equip the light or light up circuit.
I see some brothers say the lamp head is like Air Blade, so I'll show you a comparison through this photo

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Headlight and cos brightness

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Cos light brightness

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Personally, I think if the lights are brighter, there is no light switch on the car when driving to the pubs, there may be a few things to do because of this light system.

Regarding the signal lights, I recommend you to have a good level of sharpness first because it is quite easy to break. The front and rear lights are bright.

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The footrest is greatly enlarged, does not create the feeling of numbness when operating the car, can be folded. In Honda Winner X, the pat part of the foot rests on the chassis is much larger, no longer causing the feeling of shaking when running.

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Back leg: when sitting up and putting your feet up, our legs still do not fold much, creating a more comfortable feeling when moving long. I am 1m82 tall and my legs are long, but when I try to sit on the back seat, my legs are still completely comfortable


Both front and back brakes are equipped with 1 Piston oil pig, and ABS wins before. The feeling of victory for me is enough, the speed gradually decreases as I squeeze the brakes and there is no sudden stop feeling.


The engine is so quiet, I don't know if Honda has any slight tweaks but I feel that the speed ranges are smooth, the car has no roar like when I went to Exciter 150. When I go to No. 6, I speed. low, still feeling smooth without twitching.

The numbers in the process of use are equally smooth, there is no nagging phenomenon in numbers 1 and 2 like Exciter 150. The number of exciter 150 takes place when the rewind is over 4k and when passing 5k the machine is smooth But, in Honda Winner engine, the smoothness is still ensured in the engine range

Very well, when I tried to get to the gas station a little faster, it was very fast. The scooter's handle is very light, creating a "sensitive" feeling when I drive this car.


As for numbers, when I shifted the gear, I found it as light as the Exciter 150. But, the gear shift system has many connecting points, we need to maintain and lubricate these details if we want the gear system to be smooth. Many brothers do not care about this detail, so after using it for a while, the feeling of gearshift will not become very smooth, unlike the Exciter 150, the gear lever is taken straight into the gear. I'm still stuck when shifting the gear, I think it's probably because the car is not finished.

About the con, I find it heavier than the Exciter 150, but not too heavy to cause discomfort, can still be squeezed with 2 fingers. When I bought the new Exciter 150, it was too light, I had to make it more heavy.

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The plastic frame was a bit creaking, but in the process I ran through the potholes that did not make a sound yet. The story of the plastic ring will happen if we often operate the bumpy road. Perhaps Honda designed this jacket in plastic so that when collided, the shirt will be less broken when the plastic jacket is hard, because this will create a rickety feeling for the plastic frame.

I see the shirt is a little bit too tight, most of them are pins and plastic pegs.

You need to be careful with this plastic frame because it is easy to scratch both plastic and black plastic, more careful brothers can glue.

Some brothers have the idea to bring the Winner X shirt to Winner 150, the answer is no, because of the same frame but the different places of pat and catch snails.


I chose the ABS version, so the tire will be from ChengShin, this is a famous tire manufacturer in Taiwan. Front tire 90 / 80-17, rear tire 120 / 70-17. I just took the car and didn't feel much, in the process I ran when I won the car, it gave me the feeling of sugar cake. I tried running on unpaved roads that felt like the wheel still had grip.

At first, I also had thoughts like what you are "ChengShin tire, what is this famous tire company in Vietnam but Honda has attached this tire", but after experiencing some road I was feeling a little more secure, when I went to Exciter 150, when I went through the sandy road I felt like stopping the trolley, because the hard zin Exciter tire with the bottle was too fast, you still see the tire it's new but the grip is decreasing.

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Each car has its own advantages to satisfy users.

Exciter 150 moving in the street is very flexible, we can confidently embrace the type of Moto GP and still ensure the feeling of confidence. Maintenance and maintenance are relatively easy and economical.

Honda Winner ensures you move smoothly and steadily through many roads, with the upgrade and change in this Honda Winner X 2019 life makes the car more perfect in the eyes of users.

Each car will have a few points that you do not like, we can retort. The skills of Vietnamese levelers are becoming more and more skillful and for popular models, there will be toys that only plug and play.

Why do I still compare with life 2014, can you see this limp but you notice the Exciter 2018 still has no breakthrough changes compared to 2014. I hope after the storm of Winner X, Yamaha will have a move to improve the leg to please you love Exciter.


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