FedEx sued the US government for Huawei's restriction of shipping policy - Photo 1.

FedEx sued the US government for Huawei's limited shipping policy

US courier company, FedEx, has filed a lawsuit against the US government. According to the lawsuit, FedEx announced it would not be liable in case of accidentally transporting products that violated Mr. Trump's export ban on some Chinese companies, including Huawei.

In a file filed with the District Court of Columbia, FedEx said it should not enforce the export ban and cannot take legal responsibility for shipping products they could not know.

FedEx says export restrictions essentially force FedEx to control what goods they ship. This is an almost impossible task, causing economic losses and illegal behavior in many cases.

In response, a US Department of Commerce spokesman said: "We have not yet considered the lawsuit but will still protect the role of the Ministry in protecting US national security."

Last month, two packages sent by Huawei to FedEx addresses in Asia were taken to the United States. FedEx explained that this was a mistake in the system but the Chinese side did not believe it and decided to conduct an investigation. As a global shipping company, FedEx is worried about the Chinese situation.

The court has not yet set a date for hearing this case. Let's wait and see what the final verdict will look like.

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