Federal agents raided LS Giuliani's apartment, confiscated electronic equipment

Federal agents raided LS Giuliani’s apartment, confiscated electronic equipment

A lawyer of Mr. Rudy Giuliani said federal investigators early on the morning of April 28 (US time) ransacked the home of former New York Mayor, former President Donald Trump’s lawyer and confiscated electronic device.

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Giuliani’s lawyer Robert Costello told Fox News that seven FBI agents (Federal Bureau of Investigation) arrived at Mr. Giuliani’s apartment in Manhattan, New York City at 6 a.m. on April 28. America) and stayed there ransacked for about 2 hours. They confiscated a number of laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices.

This is completely unnecessary“Mr. Costello told Fox News, adding that the raid by federal agents into Mr Giuliani’s home was made to”make him look like a criminal“.

The New York Times was the first to report on the raid, claiming that the move stemmed at least in part from Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine. Mr. Giuliani has not been arrested or convicted of a criminal offense, and it is not clear why the former New York mayor’s home has been ransacked.

What they did today is legal hooliganism“Mr. Costello told Fox News. “Why do you do this with people, let alone the deputy attorney general, the prosecutor of the United States, the mayor of New York City, and the private attorney of the 45th US president“.

Mr. Giuliani began representing Mr. Trump in April 2018 in connection with former Special Attorney Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US election.

Rudy Giuliani was famous quite early in the 1980s when he was a US prosecutor in Manhattan. In this position, he contributed to bringing 5 New York mafia bosses to prison and successfully prosecuted “high speculative bond king” Michael Milken.

Mr. Giuliani was later widely praised as the “Mayor of the United States” for his efforts as Mayor for helping New York City recover from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Mr. Giuliani had unsuccessfully ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.

Mr. Costello told the Wall Street Journal that over the years, he had asked for an answer to the investigators, but they turned it down.

It was like I was talking to a wall“Mr. Costello said.

The Epoch Times reported that they contacted FBI officials and Giuliani’s team to ask for a response on Giuliani’s house raid on the morning of April 28, but have not received a response.

Meanwhile, according to Washington Examiner, Mr. Andrew Giuliani – his son Rudy Giuliani – has strongly criticized the raid just happened.

I’m annoyed by what’s happening here today, by the continued politicization of the Ministry of Justice”Mr. Andrew Giuliani told reporters in New York. “This is disgusting. This is extremely shameless, and it is the continued politicization of the Department of Justice that we are already seeing. This happen must be ended. If this could happen to the former president’s lawyer, then it could happen to any American“.

The documents in Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive copy are, says Andrew Giuliani.a single incriminating evidence“In the home and office of his father.

Enough. The only incriminating evidence they didn’t get there today is the only incriminating evidence there, and it doesn’t belong to my father. It belongs to the son of the incumbent president”Mr. Andrew Giuliani said.

His son Rudy Giuliani emphasized: “All I will say is this: To all the American people out there, our Justice Department should be a politically independent agency. Ladies and gentlemen, enough is enough. We cannot tolerate this anymore“.

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