February 28, 2021 22:07 Criticizing Biden for sending chaotic signals Pompeo: China’s persecution of human rights should pay the “real price”

Former US Secretary of State Pompeo attended the

Former US Secretary of State Pompeo attended the “Conservative Political Action Conference” (CPAC) on the 27th. (Reuters)

2021/02/28 22:07

[Compilation Sun Yuqing/Comprehensive Report]Former U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo attended the “Conservative Political Action Conference” (CPAC) and delivered a speech on the 27th, and was interviewed by Fox News on the sidelines, referring to the suppression of Xinjiang Uyghur Muslims in China On the previous page, the signals from the Biden administration were too confusing, urging Biden to make the Beijing authorities pay the “real price.”

During his tenure, Pompeo determined that China’s actions against the Uighurs in Xinjiang belonged to “genocide.” The successor Brinken also stated that he had the same judgment, but the ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield (Linda Thomas-Greenfield) was previously in the Senate. At the appointment hearing, it was said that this statement was being re-examined, which made the outside world worried that the United States’ position and practice on Xinjiang would not continue. In response, Pompeo criticized: “The (Biden) government has so far sent a messy signal.”

In addition, in response to Biden’s previous statement that each country has different cultural norms, leaders of all countries will be expected to follow. Pompeo once ridiculed that if sterilization and labor are forced, families are broken up, and 1 million people are imprisoned, it is only for the purpose of eliminating If the Han people rushed to kill, and it was not considered a genocide, the world would be irrational.

Today, Pompeo further calls on the Biden administration to respond strongly to Beijing’s oppression of the Uighurs. “It is now the Biden administration’s responsibility to respond to the worst human rights violations since the 1930s, and make the CCP pay the real price until they Stop related actions.”

Pompeo also warned that the Chinese Communist regime is carrying out a “global action to weaken the rule of law and democracy”. The methods include spreading false news, stealing intellectual property rights and imposing military power. If the United States is not prepared for competition and confrontation at every level, whether it is diplomacy or Economic or military, the CCP will continue to make progress, while the United States will be inferior, as will the people in other parts of the world.

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