February 28, 2021 20:04 Wuhan Pneumonia” 44 confirmed cases of outbreak in Hong Kong restaurant Expert: Government relaxes measures prematurely

The outbreak of the epidemic occurred in the restaurant

The outbreak of the epidemic occurred in the restaurant “Famous Tide Restaurant” in the “K11 MUSEA” shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Hong Kong epidemic expert Yuan Guoyong believes that the government has relaxed the social ban too soon. (Information photo, Bloomberg)

2021/02/28 20:04

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]An outbreak occurred at the Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui restaurant “Famous Tide Restaurant”, resulting in a total of 44 people being diagnosed. Yuan Guoyong, a Hong Kong epidemic expert and chair professor of the Department of Microbiology at the University of Hong Kong, pointed out that the Hong Kong authorities have relaxed social distancing prematurely, rekindling the chain of virus infection. Yuan Guoyong also said that all those diagnosed in the restaurant need to be isolated and screened. If they fail to do so, the epidemic will break out.

According to a report from “Hong Kong 01”, the “Famous Tide Restaurant” is located in the large shopping mall “K11 MUSEA” in Tsim Sha Tsui. Hong Kong will relax restrictions on distances on the seventh day of the new year on the 18th, restart night operations, and reopen movie theaters and amusement centers. , Beauty salons, massage parlors and gymnasiums, after a week of relaxation, the “Famous Tide Restaurant” epidemic broke out, resulting in 44 people being diagnosed, including 22 customers, 9 employees and 13 employees and close contacts of customers.

Yuan Guoyong said that the current confirmed cases were all infected 7 to 14 days ago. If contacts of these patients can be isolated and screened immediately, this round of the epidemic may be curbed. But Yuan Guoyong warned: “If these tasks are not done quickly, (the epidemic) will break out.”

Regarding whether the government has relaxed its anti-epidemic policy prematurely, Yuan Guoyong pointed out that the fourth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong was almost over before the lunar new year, but the government had relaxed social distancing restrictions prematurely, reigniting the chain of virus transmission. But Yuan Guoyong believes that the authorities are making compromises to revive the economy and employment.

Another Hong Kong government consultant, Professor Xu Shuchang of the Department of Respiratory System of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said that there is currently only one restaurant with a large-scale outbreak. It may be an isolated case. There is no need to tighten epidemic prevention measures immediately. However, he pointed out that if there is an outbreak in other restaurants We must reconsider.

Doctor Liang Zichao said that the infection was all lunch customers, and it has nothing to do with the authorities’ relaxation of evening business, but the relaxation of the policy did cause crowds to gather and slow down the speed of screening.

Liang Zichao emphasized that the Hong Kong government is under pressure from the economy and people’s livelihood, and there is little room for tightening epidemic prevention measures. Hong Kong should give priority to testing for people with symptoms and get test results as soon as possible. He also urged Hong Kong people to avoid gathering and dispersing during peak hours. Dining situation.

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