Fear of being discovered by the boss playing games during working hours with this micro-laser firing device

Fear of being discovered by the boss playing games during working hours with this micro-laser shooting device - Photo 1.

There are many free apps and widgets for Windows and MacOS that can quickly hide things you are sneaking on the screen at work (such as YouTube, or Facebook, for example) from the scrutiny of your boss or those. colleagues are nosy, but they all require you to keep an eye on whether anyone is coming closer to where you're sitting. Daytripper will do everything for you by using a laser-fired device – when someone walks through the laser, the device will enable the feature to automatically hide the applications or websites you are watching on the screen. form.

Daytripper consists of two simple components: a signal generator, using the STMcroelectronics VL53LoX laser TOF sensor, to detect motion, and the signal receiver plugs directly into the USB port on your computer to automatically activate a key turn off (for example, lower all windows) or any custom code when receiving a wireless signal from the transmitter.

Of course, thick tangerine shells have pointed nails, this exciting set of tools does not promise to help you escape completely the scrutiny of others. The ToF sensor only has a range of 1.5 meters, so it can easily detect movement when attached to a door frame, but it will be difficult or difficult to work if the area is active. dynamic space is too wide, like a corridor. Therefore, you will have to calculate the location of Daytripper installation so that it is reasonable. And yet, the scanning frequency of this device is limited to 5Hz, so if someone moves fast enough, your laser "barrier" will become useless.

At a price of $ 60 (or $ 66 if you're lazy to assemble and want the manufacturer to do it all, just bring it back), this tiny set of tools will help you relax at office but not worried about falling into the "black book" of fastidious bosses.

Reference: Gizmodo


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