FaZe defeated NiP to win BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019

FaZe got her first trophy and a new squad by beating NiP 2-0 at the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 final.

More than a month after recruiting Marcelo "coldzera" David for a record transfer fee, FaZe's project finally came to fruition. FaZe has the "habit" of championing when no one expected it, and this time they did it, becoming the only team to win two BLAST tournaments this year, while also winning the highest seed for the Global Final event.

FaZe did very well in the group stage with a round match format and the boys kept that form in the final. Now the team is rekindling its ambition to return to the race on the world rankings.

Meanwhile, NiP is present at the first LAN final since last year's BLAST event, also at this venue. The Swedish team controlled Nuke but wasted 7 map points, leaving FaZe to push and push the map to overtime. The Ninja guys understand this win will be their first major title since IEM Oakland 2017, and it seems that the pressure has created a barrier for the boys. Dust2 also took place quite dramatically from the beginning, but as FaZe gradually stabilized, nothing could stop FaZeUp!

FaZe opened the convincing Nuke map with a round pistol, but the advantage couldn't be extended. When NiP has a gun, the game immediately changes. The Swedish team won 6 consecutive rounds, making the opponent fear. Things gradually got out of control, but FaZe tightened the defense later and shortened the gap to 1. The rookie broky and AWP won an important round.

NiP opened strong second half, winning 7 rounds in the first 8 rounds to reach a map point. The game seemed to end soon, but suddenly, the Swedish team lost heat. Meanwhile, FaZe accelerated and won continuously to equalize 15-15.

Ninja broke the opponent's winning circuit at overtime, but in the final round of extra time, FaZe removed it. After switching to CT, FaZe tightened the defense and won 3 rounds, not giving NiP a fight to win the first map in a surprising way.

Dust2 started with NiP winning a round pistol on T, but FaZe countered with force-buy immediately and used the winning momentum to lead 5-1. The game then became a Teamkill party on NiKo, but they still played well and reached 8-7.

Simon "twist" Eliasson clutch successfully 1v2 in round pistol. The Ninja team didn't waste that opportunity and restored the lead, but everything fell apart when the opponent had money. FaZe took complete control of the game, putting the finishing touch on the Swedish team when coldzera and NiKo won in a 2v5 situation.

Ranking of teams at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen:

first. Europe FaZe – $ 125,000 + 10 points
2. Sweden NiP – $ 50,000 + 8 points
3. Russia Natus Vincere – $ 25,000 + 6 points
4. Denmark Astralis – $ 15,000 (+ $ 20,000 from Stand-off) + 4 points
5. United States Liquid – $ 10,000 + 2 points
6. North America Cloud9 – $ 5,000

BLAST Pro Series season rankings:

first. Europe FaZe – 30 points
2. United States Liquid – 28 points
3. Denmark Astralis – 26 points
4. Sweden NiP – 24 points
5. Brazil MIBR – 12 points
6. Russia Natus Vincere – 12 points
7. North America Cloud9 – 6 points

Ninh Tran

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