Thomas Markle in an interview in 2018. Photo: Reuters.

Father Meghan said the daughter ‘devalued’ the British royal family

Thomas Markle, the father severed ties of Princess Meghan, said that the daughter and son-in-law made “devalue” the British royal family with his decision.

In a documentary broadcast by Channel 5 on January 19, Thomas Markle said Meghan threw away “every girl’s dream”. “This is frustrating because she has practically had the dream of every girl. Every young girl wants to be a princess. Meghan has that but drops it. It’s like she dropped it because money, “he said.

The interview was filmed after Harry – Meghan announced his withdrawal from royal duties. Channel 5 recently released an interview and said the full documentary film would air “in the coming weeks”.

Thomas Markle in an interview in 2018. Photo: Reuters.

Thomas Markle said that since the time Meghan married Prince Harry in May 2018, they have an obligation to “be a part of the royal family and represent the royal family”.

“They are destroying the royal family, devaluing the royal family, damaging the royal image … They turn the royal family into a crowned Walmart supermarket. That is ridiculous, they should not do so.” , Stressed Thomas Markle.

Thomas Markle and his daughter have not been in contact since Meghan was married to Prince Harry.

The British Prince and his wife announced on January 8 that they will withdraw from their high-ranking royal duties to establish a new charity and live in both England and North America, and at the same time aim at “financial independence”. “.

The shocking decision sparked rumors that they felt “isolated” by the “superior attitude” of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. Many British newspapers say that the two brothers became distant because William “disliked” his sister-in-law Meghan. However, two people released a joint statement denying this information.

Buckingham Palace yesterday released a statement saying that from the spring of 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not use the royal title because it is no longer a senior member.

Newspaper Sun January 17, citing unnamed sources, Harry – Meghan appeared to be buying a $ 27 million villa in Kitsilano, Vancouver, Canada. This is a 4-storey villa with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 630 m2. The real estate block was built in 1912 and can enjoy sea and mountain views.

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