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In English, "Chroma" means different shades, colors, and "comatose" means coma. So we can understand the name Chromatose The game is a word play with meaning: the coma is full of colors. But these colors are not the same delirious delirium, but different people "floating" in an unrealistic coma world.

Has been successfully contributed to Kickstarter, Chromatose is a visual novel with the highlight of the "great war game". Newly successful in April, so from now until the launch date, the product will definitely change a lot. But now, this is a pretty unique and potential game.

Let's join through the outstanding features of Chromatose Please!


"Fate is what is decided for your life, and destiny is a life-changing thing based on the actions you create" – This is the core message of Chromatose, is the foundation of the game.

After an accident that nearly robbed his life, the main character Leroy woke up in the hospital and met Izzy, a self-proclaimed colleague of his. And she told him that he never … woke up. In fact, his body was in a coma, and his current mind was in a dream world, where other people were going through a coma like him. But he was different from them at one point: he did not make mistakes.

The people in this place bear the seal of different colors, expressing the reasons and wrong choices that made them fall into the near-death marriage. But not Leroy! His seal is black, meaning he doesn't make mistakes, he has no reason to be here. Unlike the others, he was allowed to leave without being bound by anything, and he should do so as soon as possible, because lingering too long meant losing the chance to regain consciousness. However, Leroy chose to stay to help other stranded souls and discover the mystery of this "dreamy" world.

Built on the idea of ​​destiny and choices, the story flow of Chromatose Will definitely change a lot based on your decisions. But what are you going to do, what will you do, and what can you do … that can only be revealed when the game is released.



Although the core is a visual novel game with value that lies in the plot but Chromatose There is also a game that requires both quick and fast calculations.

Specifically, when traveling in a fantasy world, you may encounter monsters, and of course you have to defeat them. Your weapons are cards with different colors and effects. To defeat an enemy, you must shoot your card at them. However, you can only hold 4 cards at a time, and these cards can be locked unexpectedly, and especially bad if you do not quickly use "good" leaves.

If all four cards in your hand are locked, you won't be able to do anything except throwing all the cards in your hand and reloading them. But by doing so, you will be wasting your time and losing your post. If time runs out, you will not be able to throw cards away, and if all the cards are gone, you will surely lose. Moreover, each card has different effects, may be good, it can be bad so it doesn't have to be fast and click.

If you lose, your mind will become worse, leading to a series of incalculable consequences, but sometimes you will encounter strong opponents, unable to defeat in a match, requiring you to accept "Lose to win", weaken them and gradually advance again.

In general, because it is not a perfect product, the card game mechanism of Chromatose can be added in the future, but according to the current assessment, this gameplay is enough to create focal points for the game.



Due to the successful capital contribution, the game's launch path is still quite far away. The developer expects the product to be released in April 2021, but you know, a new product like this is hard to determine the standard launch date.

However, the demo version of the game is also available on Steam, and for about half an hour, it will certainly give you a lot of information about the game, and help you decide if this product suits you is not.

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