Fashion trends will storm 2021: Athflow - Comfortable and elegant 4 minutes to read

Fashion trends will storm 2021: Athflow – Comfortable and elegant 4 minutes to read

For almost a year, the corona virus has forced us to have new habits in life, consumption and entertainment. In 2021, the pandemic is still raging, many people will continue to work or study remotely. So how to wear comfortable, at home, stylish, uneven, messy? AthflowOutstanding fashion trends in 2021 is the answer.

What is Athflow?

The name athflow is a combination of two English terms, athleisure and flow. Tendency athleisure, appeared in 2017, highlighting sporty items such as leggings, sweatshirts.

when the athleisure Paired with elegance, that is athflow. Floral pants, set jumpsuitOversized, oversized clothing will replace sportswear in one’s wardrobe fashionista. Style athflow Well-groomed enough to go to work, convenient enough to go to the gym and comfortable enough to lie on the sofa to watch movies at home.

Similar fashion style athflow which is already quite popular in Korea. A familiar cold season scene here is the beautiful men and women wearing long life jackets with sweatshirts, boots or sports shoes walking on the street.

Now if surfing InstagramYou will find plenty of flannel pants, soft knits or oversize shirts. And the it-girl often wear silk shirts, jogging pants, come with a wide vest.


Where did Athflow come from and why was it crowned?

In the report the latest trends in social networks Pinterest, using data from more than 400 million users, Aya Kanaithe platform’s head of content and partner, labeled athflow is the most prominent trend of the new year.

The fashionistas search a lot for the keywords “home dress”, “big size clothes” and “soft clothing”. Home wear is undergoing a major change in 2021 with a modern look and more luxurious fabrics. “Being comfortable is very important now, but we also want to look good.


Pandemic caused a lot of upheaval, and fashion was not out of its influence. Our everyday life can now just really need an outfit to comfortably sit and watch movies, cook, or take care of our children.

How is Athflow different from athleisure seniors?

Athleisure, a prominent style in recent years, is clothing with a sporty design, associated with health when participating in a certain activity.

Athleisure style

In 2021, it gave way to athflow, is more about home wear but can also be used to work remotely, or go out of the house shopping.

How to wear athflow?

Athflow focus on comfort, style simplicity and consistency. You can choose clothes with the same color and material. Basic neutral colors such as gray, gray, white, and dark brown, with soft materials cotton cotton, linen, knitted.

If you don’t like to wear cardboard, don’t be afraid to add different colors outfit mine. To ensure comfort, athflow also attaches great importance to oversized outfits, but still remains elegant.

In winter, accessories such as thick towels and wool hats are added to bring warmth.

If you want personality and trendy accents, combine two items that represent comfort and elegance. For example, leggings or knitted pants are fitted with a blazer and boots, or patterned leather or sweatshirts.

A very important thing regarding this style is the quick preparation of clothes, as if just grabbing the items squeezed on the chair, without fussy looking in front of the mirror.

Fashion brands with styles close to athflow include Skims, Aritzia, Mango, Other Stories, and Free People.

Let’s refer to these stylish outfits to find their own recipe.

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