Farage: The CCP started to carry out an "takeover" by acquiring schools in England

Farage: The CCP started to carry out an “takeover” by acquiring schools in England

UK Reform Party leader (formerly Brexit Party) Nigel Farage has warned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has taken over a large “takeover” of Britain’s private education sector. , when schools across the “blind country” were acquired by companies affiliated with the Chinese government, according to an investigation.

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There are currently 17 private schools in the UK owned by Chinese companies, 9 of which are owned by senior members of the CCP.

Schools are said to be presenting China’s “whitewash” stance to its students, and one school has admitted that the goal of entering the education system is to propagate the initiative. Global “One Belt, One Road” of China, according to an investigation published in the Daily Mail on 21/2 last.

UK Reform Party leader Nigel Farage said the British government “must be alert to dangers and act quickly,” while warning that “the world is being annexed by the CCP. According to a new neo-colonial project, President Xi Jinping hopes to achieve global economic dominance through large investments in the international arena.

“For example, there are 3 schools and a network of colleges now owned by Bright Scholar Group, run by Yang Huiyan (Yang Huiyan), her father is a billionaire and a high-ranking party member. level of the CCP. In essence, this is no different from the CCP taking over a part of Britain’s private education sector, ” Mr. Farage said.

“Besides, there is also the participation of Confucius Institutes. Under the Chinese government’s control, students at the Confucius Institute were taught a version of Chinese history and politics with a crude brainwashing, ” he added.

Since 2014, Chinese companies have taken advantage of the financial difficulties of boarding schools to take them over, the investigation found. Last year alone, three schools were acquired by Chinese companies.

In 2017, the Wanda Corporation, founded by well-known billionaire Wang Jianlin, bought two private schools, Bedstone College in Shropshire and Ipswich High School.

As a result of inflation, UK private schools have become accessible only to the wealthy, Farage noted. “Therefore, such schools – especially those with boarding students – depend on Chinese students to help balance their books,” he added.

The CCP’s infiltration goes beyond school acquisitions, with 29 Confucius Institutes on the UK university campus, and 148 Confucius classrooms in schools.

Both institutions claim to provide education on Chinese language and culture, but in fact are branches of the Ministry of Education of China, which report directly to the Central Propaganda Department of China. The CCP.

During the Confucius classes, students were shown propaganda articles, including those showing tourists enjoying a holiday in Xinjiang, an area with a concentration camp that millions of Uighurs follow. Muslims and other minorities are being detained. Another program in the classrooms also showed a picture of a virtual Mr. Xi Jinping dancing, giving students a “brainwashed perspective” of the history of the Chinese state.

“These people are being taught that China is the future, they are indeed being propagated by the CCP,” Nigel Farage said, adding that they were not taught about the genocide that is taking place in Xinjiang or the destruction of democracy in Hong Kong.

In addition to “quelling” debates on sensitive issues for the Chinese government, such as the so-called “Three T’s (3 T’s)” – Taiwan (Taiwan), Tibet (Tibet) and Tiananmen Square (Tiananmen Square), Confucius Institutes are also accused of monitoring the activities of Chinese international students.

A Chinese student said: “To me, the Confucius Institute functions like a closed-loop television and has the ability to dismiss my critical thinking by constantly reminding me: we are watching you and behave for you. respectable.”

Last month, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab announced a review of the activities of Confucius Institutes in UK schools.

Commenting on the “takeover of the CCP” of schools in England, Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, Senator Tom Tugendhat said: “The understanding of China’s strategy and approach means that they have an advantage in seeking to influence others and using our established brands to gain taste. that mind. ”

“We need to decide what we are going to protect, but before that we need to understand what we want.”

A Ministry of Education spokesman said: “Owners of private schools need to promote basic British values. Schools cannot promote political party views. ”

According to Breitbart,

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