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The iPhone Xs Max has been available since 2018, and will the new high-end iPhone 11 from Apple offer a good user experience? Is the machine still worth using at this time?

I have been using iPhone Xs Max for more than a week. In this article, I will share with you some of the issues related to the flagship iPhone with large screen size. The use value of the device at the present time is still very good with many different evaluation criteria.

Design brings sustainable value

Apple they have not changed the design of the iPhone over the years. Especially the iPhone X onwards with complete details such as steel border as well as the position of the buttons have not changed. When viewed from the screen, iPhone Xs Max with iPhone 11 Pro Max brings almost the same design. Not to mention that when the phones are clean or have the same border color, it is considered to be unchanged.

The distinctive identities that let people know you’re using your iPhone like a rabbit ear are almost unchanged. The difference only comes from the camera cluster if viewed from a distance or a rough surface on the 11 Pro line brings a refresh in 2019. Meanwhile, other flagship phones often change many exterior designs periodically. year, or even more flagships were introduced in the same year. Such a change makes the machine feel ‘fast’ away. While Apple only introduced a new iPhone once a year, a few years later it changed the style.

Value for money deserves, reasonable use cost

This factor I want to talk about the value for money to buy compared to what the machine gives us. For example, the iPhone Xs Max with a reference price of about 16 million can bring a lot of value. Even if you can spend some time, then you can sell it with a loss not too much. If this time, the iPhone 11 Pro Max costs about 30 million, then after a while surely the machine will drop more price than the iPhone Xs Max.

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And of course, iPhone Xs Max is easily compatible with all products in the Apple ecosystem: AirPods, Apple Watch, HomePod, MacBook, iPad … as well as TV + services, Apple News … Here Can be considered a value when owning a machine at the right time. For Apple, the iPhone is only a small part of the company’s ecosystem, but surely if you want to use Apple Watch, you must have an iPhone 6s / SE or higher. Instead of having to spend 30 million to buy 11 Pro Max, you can consider choosing Xs Max and buying more Apple Watch, AirPods … then the Apple ecosystem experience will certainly be much better.

Regarding accessories, you can easily find the popular accessories currently on the market. This is also an advantage when Apple products always support a lot of accessories in the long run.

Configuration is still very strong

In terms of configuration, the A12 Bionic chip is inherently strong. So after one year of use, the machine still ensures good performance, even 1-3 years later. It can be demonstrated that major esports events still use the iPhone 8 Plus of 2017 as the main gaming device. So iPhone Xs Max is still very potential, is a product with strong configuration. Even in an iPhone launch, Apple showed off its chip power with products used on the Android platform. In general, the hardware of the machine will not be outdated to make the platform for software always updated in time. For Xs Max, it still includes versions like the 11 Pro series including 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. Depending on the price you can consider to choose.

Telephoto cameras are my favorite option

With the launch in 2018, the camera cluster on the iPhone Xs Max is somewhat inferior to the trend from the three cameras today. We noticed that the iPhone 11 Pro series has a large 3-camera cluster, the ability to position the product from the viewer’s direction is easy, and the dual camera cluster is the old phone … That’s what loses from the outside.

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In my opinion, ultra-wide-angle cameras may not be as convenient as standard or telephoto cameras because conventional cameras have inherently wide-angle conversion of about 24mm, while telephoto cameras have been zoomed to 2X for portrait or recording. Narrow frame at a distance. Meanwhile, ultra-wide lens does not necessarily bring good image quality as the rest of the camera.

One important factor that Xs Max is inferior to the 11 Pro is the camera’s Deep Fusion algorithm. However, for an ordinary person or a brother with proficient use of image processing software, the Xs Max camera does not lose much. Mainly the big difference lies in the exterior design. For the average user, they will find that the standard camera is still present when they open the camera application, Facebook live stream or video call. More specialized users will need extended camera clusters. For me, the telephoto camera of Xs Max with 11 Pro is not much different, and I do not capture super wide angle much.

The display is good, big and quality

The screen of Xs Max still provides good visibility and identification. The first is a good notch design with smooth curved edges: it’s an iPhone. Actual experience with this OLED technology screen, the screen quality including color, brightness, content tracking ability is still very good. It is very possible to realize the difference compared to the new iPhone 11 Pro.

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Is battery life worse than iPhone 11 Pro Max?

I think the large iPhones still bring good battery life. The iPhone X and Xs models have better battery life, especially the iPhone 11 Pro that has improved battery life for practical use. So using iPhone Xs Max with such a battery capacity is not really a big deal.

Premium grip feeling with a steel framed frame

In terms of grip, I like the steel frame and the size is somewhat larger than the smaller iPhone line, not using cladding, leather or sometimes not glued. The feeling of holding the steel frame will make a difference compared to the rest of the smartphone world. The machine possesses steel edges will be more durable, if a bit old, you can polish the edges will help the machine look like new. In general, this border is not easily worn or old. This is also one of the advantages of the high-end iPhone line later.

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I see those who use Xs Max for a while are satisfied with the exterior design, though it is a bit heavy and when used the case, the size increases. However, with a large 6.5 “screen and large battery capacity, this tradeoff can make them easy to accept.

In general, the iPhone Xs Max has the appearance of the device that still looks fashionable and the hardware is not outdated. Therefore, the use value of this machine will bring more user value.


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