Fans warm up in advance, captain WINNER celebrates birthday

Korean boy group “WINNER” came to Malaysia to sing again after an interval of 1 year and 3 months. This coincided with the captain Yoon’s 26th birthday on the 21st of this month. Malaysia’s INNER CIRCLE (fan nickname) planned his birthday When I was supported, I learned that the fans want to celebrate their birthday. The cute birthday star sang “Self-Celebration” without waiting for the fans to sing the birthday song. When the staff introduced the big cake and the fans sang the birthday song together, he was happy and shouted: “Terima Kasih! “Thanks to fans for helping him celebrate his birthday in advance, and he replied,” This is my happiest birthday! “He put on the scene with cute sunglasses from fans and was more excited than the love and kisses at the camera! WINNER’s “CROSS” World Tour concert in Kuala Lumpur detonated at the Yatong Stadium on the evening of the 18th. This time, WINNER’s 4 members Jiang Shengrun, Jin Qinyu, Song Yunhao and Li Shengxun brought the band to Malaysia to perform in the form of a live band. Vocal strength and stage charm, hi fans of the audience. 2nd time came to Malaysia to sing. In addition to communicating with the fans in English almost throughout the 4th son, he also used Malay to interact with the fans from time to time. Li Shengxun also used a series of “I’m Abang Hoony” Seronok tak hari ini? (Are you guys having fun?) “,” Saya rindu kamu “and so on to make fans happy. Petting, he went to the railing several times to interact closely with fans. When he sang the Solo song “Serenade”, he also sang the love story of his sister, saying “This song is going to be given to my Sayang.” . The funny thing is that when he repeatedly tried to interact with the fans in English and Malay, he led the captain to say “I feel they understand us better and speak Korean.” In addition to singing and jumping on the stage, the four sons have a lot more to each other. During the interaction, Li Shengxun was about to kiss his elder brother Jin Qinyu for a while, wipe the sweat of the captain, and made a human trojan with Song Yihao, set up the birthday star Jiang Shengrun to the T-shaped stretcher, etc., all showing good feelings among members. Came to Malaysia in advance, Jiang Shengrun came to Malaysia alone this time. When he performed “Instictively” in Solo, he mentioned a lot of “IC” and asked him why he came to Kuala Lumpur in advance. “I came to meet a friend here. He is My first agent 10 years ago, he is now in Kuala Lumpur and he came to watch my performance today. Now I can take this song to stand on the stage in Kuala Lumpur. I believe he will be proud to see me. I am also proud of you, that you have achieved this moment. “He even more bluntly, this day will be an unforgettable night of his life. During the Ango session, the audience ’s chorus “Millions” called WINNER back to the stage. The fans in the audience celebrated Jiang Shengrun’s birthday in advance. The funny thing is that the cute birthday star learned that the fans would celebrate their birthday and sang a birthday song by themselves. When singing the birthday song in Korean, he also smiled and asked, “Why sing a Korean birthday song?” The fan sang the English version, which made him happy. Before the end of the concert, Song Xihao thanked the fans sweetly and said that everyone has given him energy. “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come here again. I hope you will be happy in 2020.” It was publicly announced that he would be a soldier after the tour. Brother Jin Qinyu, especially thank the fans who came to the concert, saying that the fans are their Hero, and promised to come back to meet you again. Track: Everyday Love me love me Island Really really Mola Dress up Special night Different + Have A Good Day Raining OMG Empty Flamenco + Serenade (Hoon y) Call anytime (Jinu + Mino) Instinctively + Wind (Yoon) I’m Him + Trigger + Fiance (Mino) Boom Movie star Soso Don’t Be Shy Millions Ah Yeah Immature La La Ange: Hello Zoo Really really + La La + Everyday

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