Fan Bingbing's accident again? The hotel was exposed for two days and one night with the billionaires, netizens: incredible

Fan Bingbing’s accident again? The hotel was exposed for two days and one night with the billionaires, netizens: incredible

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Speaking of Fan Bingbing, I believe everyone is familiar with it. She was also a ceiling-level actress in the entertainment industry. Although she was blocked in her career and was blocked, her topic was still very popular. Recently, Fan Bingbing has once again fallen into public turmoil. All movie scenes have been deleted.

He collaborated with his brother Fan Chengcheng to shoot a magazine, but because Fan Bingbing was listed as a bad star, he could not be on the cover of the magazine, so the magazine was removed from the shelves. It was not until 2018 that Fan Bingbing’s career was down, and in 2019, he broke up with her boyfriend Li Chen. In an interview not long ago, she also called him a good person. Don’t want to have anything to do with each other.

After the storm, he was also trying to make a comeback. On January 2, Fan Bingbing posted a news and forwarded the trailer of the movie “Wuhan Day and Night”. The text read: 2021, Wuhan’s first day and night! Moving.

Fan Bingbing also kept a low profile because of the scandal last time. Only some time ago, she gradually resumed social network updates. Now, she has completely walked out of the shadow of the scandal. Among them, Weibo is often updated every day and interacts frequently with fans. Moreover, on January 1st, the New Year will also bid farewell to 2020. It seems to be full of expectations for the New Year: Goodbye 2020, I will be 2021.

The scandal improperly affected Fan Bingbing, outside of her work in the performing arts industry, and had a major impact on her personal image. Right after her scandal, there were always bad negative comments. Many rumors often appear on the Internet, such as pregnancy and illegitimate children, and indecent photos. Recently, news broke that she secretly went to Hong Kong to accompany a billionaire, stayed in a hotel for two days and one night, and news popped up on certain websites.

In addition, there were also photos of two people holding hands in the hotel. And a few days ago, Fan Bingbing also told her itinerary. When she was on the streets of Shanghai, she also reported her advertising license with Fan Chengcheng, denying the rumors of going to Hong Kong.

When there is no hope for a comeback, however, Fan Bingbing’s various bad news also surfaced. It can be said that she will face more difficulties in the future on the way back. She has always been very strong against all kinds of rumors, maybe because of this firm belief, she has always supported her to this day, right?

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