[Famous car sound and wave illustration]HONDA “CB750Four”


What kind of exciting engine noises will classic cars play? I have previously introduced the turbocharged KAWASAKI “GPz 750 Turbo” and the only commercially available rotary engine model SUZUKI “RE-5A” among Japanese motorcycle brands. This time I will bring you the world’s first mass-produced 4 Cylinder engine model-HONDA “CB750Four” (1969 model).

[Famous car sound wave illustration]HONDA “CB750Four”

Finally realized the “world’s best” Japanese motorcycle model

From the 1950s to the early 1960s, British-made twin-cylinder engines such as Triumph, Norton, and BSA (mostly upright parallel twin-cylinders with 500 to 650㏄ displacement) swept the world’s largest motorcycle market-the United States.

On the other hand, motorcycles made by Japanese brands at that time were mainly based on European-made medium and small motorcycles. Therefore, motorcycles made by Japanese brands always gave an impression of low threshold without characteristics.

However, the Super CUB C100 (equipped with a unique 50㏄ 4-stroke engine in the world) launched by HONDA in 1958 has won high praise for its unique appearance and advanced mechanical structure, and has successfully achieved sales in the United States and around the world. .

Then in 1960, the DREAM CB72 super sports car (equipped with 247㏄ SOHC parallel twin-cylinder) was introduced, and in 1962, the CB77 with the displacement expanded to 305㏄ was introduced; then in 1965, it was equipped with high precision at the time. The structure of the DOHC parallel twin-cylinder engine DREAM CB450 (444㏄).

Although the top speed and acceleration performance of the DREAM CB450 surpasses British cars equipped with an OHV engine, the poor comfort and stability during high-speed riding have become a major disadvantage.

In this process of development, HONDA launched the DREAM CB750Four at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show in 1968. It uses a mechanical structure no less than that of the MotoGP participating cars, and is equipped with a parallel 4-cylinder engine that is only used in some models such as MV AGUSTA. And the disc brakes that were first equipped with commercially available motorcycles, and were officially put on the market the following year after its launch. It can display the performance of a maximum speed of close to 200km/h and is reliable and durable. It has become a world city including the United States. Hot-selling car models with explosive sales.



CB750Four basic specifications

Full length/full width/full height 2160mm/885mm/1120mm
Wheelbase 1455mm
Car weight 218kg (dry weight)
Engine type Air-cooled 4-stroke SOHC 2-valve parallel 4-cylinder
Total displacement 736cc
Maximum output horsepower 67ps/8000rpm
Maximum torque 6.1㎏-m/7000rpm
Tire size before 3.25-19
Rear 4.00-18

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