Famicom Detective Club – 2 updated surveys

If it is very rare today for a major builder / publisher to ignore a region when they release one of their software, 30 or 40 years ago, that was the “norm”. So Big N fans who have spent many hours browsing the list of trophies and stickers of the various Smash Bros. were able to discover unknown titles, games that never left Japan and whose destiny was to sleep in the cellar on Nintendo’s premises.

Only, since sometimes recycling is good (it paid off for Kid Icarus, eh?), Soon, It’s Famicom Detective Club’s turn to practice.

Fans of Nintendo, treasures from the past and visual novel will be in heaven, Nintendo has indeed decided to offer a new chance to its series of games which appeared for the first time on NES after a major visual and sound facelift. of course. And if you already knew it, possible since Big N already announced in 2019 its partnership with Mages for the development and refreshing of its game, until now, there had never been any question of a release outside Japan, period. on which the editor returned yesterday in his Direct.

Yes, last night the Kyoto firm told plumber buffs that its series will appear for the first time outside the Japanese archipelago and will even be released soon since the date is set for May 14. On that date, it will not be one, but two games that will appear on the eShop. The first, entitled The Missing Heir, puts you in the shoes of an amnesiac who, to make matters worse, finds himself forced to solve a murder in a haunted village. The Girl Who Stands Behind, will require you to investigate the strange death in the supernatural tone of a high school student, an idyllic setting therefore for lovers of schoolgirls … and murders …

If the mystery will be there in Famicom Detective Club, many other mysteries are still to be solved … For example, if the American and Japanese players can acquire the 2 titles separately, why we, in Europe, will only be entitled to one lot (at the price of 60 € all of even) ? And, Why did Nintendo just offer Japanese voices and English texts (no French then)? Many mysteries that you will not be able to unravel with the controller in hand (and probably related to pecuniary reasons but * shhh *).

In short, take out the raincoat, the cap and the bubble pipe, Famicom Detective Club to be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on May 14. Fans of packaged version will have to be right and wait, at the moment, there is no indication that a box is a day of the game.


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