Fallout: New Vegas Uncut Edition Mod Experience Full Fallout

As we all know, due to the development time problem, “Radiant New Vegas” was cut a lot when it was finally released, which made many people feel a bit sorry. However, the good news is that recently, DSOGaming, The Court of Kvatch released a new version of the 1GB-sized “Radiant New Vegas” uncut mod.

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Ranger Network

According to the introduction, this mod added the originally deleted game dialogue, and many unused NPCs, missions, locations, items and features were reproduced as much as possible in the game.

Ranger Network

作者 The author of this mod claims that this mod is not simply to restore the deleted content, it will add more immersion to this classic game. I believe players will get a richer game experience when they play “New Vegas” again.

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