Falling in love with the great character of the gamer Co Kiem Ky Dam

With extremely detailed customization capabilities, Ancient Sword Ky Dam Online allows gamers to create any character they desire.

Ancient Sword Ky Dam Online has just launched in Vietnam and has received a lot of attention from the gaming community. This is a game with excellent graphics quality that is admired by gamers, Co Kiem Ky Dam Online is the most beautiful first half game ever released in Vietnam. Right from the stage of character creation, Co Kiem Ky Dam has captivated gamers when there are many extremely detailed customization tools, allowing players to create a character with the desired face and appearance. his want. Even if it is someone who has participated in the previous beta versions, this is still a very time-consuming step, because everyone wants to have a perfect character according to their wishes, to conquer the world together. The colorful fairy world of Ancient Sword.

Many gamers have shown their hand in shaping the character and uploading it to the game’s Community Group. Some works have received rave reviews from everyone, but there are also characters created with the purpose of bringing a moment of relaxation to the audience. Let’s admire the results of the game Co Kiem Ky Dam Online (pictures below the post)

Join Ancient Sword Ky Dam Online and try to create yourself a perfect character at: https://l.dzogame.vn/pdNdpo

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