Falling back with the Man City squad for the C1 final

Possessing many factors that can surprise, but coach Pep Guardiola launched a rather special squad in the C1 final.

Entering the Champions League final, coach Pep Guardiola used Bernardo Silva to replace Fernandinho. This is a rather special highlight, because this season Fernandinho often appears in the squad of the blue half of Manchester. According to statistics, Fernandinho started 59/60 of Man City’s matches this season.

The above highlight made Chelsea coach Tuchel also surprised, because in his calculations, Pep Guardiola will definitely use Fernandinho. However, this player had to wait until the 64th minute to replace Bernando Silva.

Coach Tuchel was surprised with Man City’s starting lineup. Photo: Internet

Sharing after the match, coach Tuchel said: “I was very surprised when I predicted with certainty that Fernandinho would appear in the starting line-up of Man City, because Pep Guardiola tends to play attacking. There are other problems. other problems, most of which are in the calculation, more or less.

Despite the surprise, we integrated quickly and set up defense to block Man City’s attacks. Chelsea are a team with close connections, defense is important and this is the answer to all questions.”

With his first Champions League win in his coaching career, Tuchel was filled with happiness, which was evident when he said: “I am very happy, now is the time to enjoy and celebrate, maybe in a few days. Of course, we don’t wallow in it because the whole team wants to have the next title.”



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