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Fall Guys is coming to Nintendo Switch servers


It was no secret that Mediatonic was just waiting for the opportunity to wear its flagship title Fall Guys on platforms other than Playstation 4 and PC. No surprise therefore during the Nintendo Direct of February 17, 2020, when the firm announces the arrival of the game on its half-portable, half-living console, given the popularity of the machine which targets a completely different audience than the PS4 competitors and Xbox One.

It will still be necessary to be patient to see Fall Guys land on Nintendo Switch, because with a very short trailer that took its time to announce the obvious, we only have a vague “summer 2020” as a release window. That is more than a year after its original release, knowing that three seasons have already been released and that a good part of the active players have already deserted the game’s servers.

Fall Guys Nintendo Switch

To make matters worse, this announcement does not present any specificity that could have been adapted to the console. We suspect that taking control of our Fall Guys should not change drastically compared to other platforms, but we could at least have expected some semblance of collaboration with Nintendo to expand the skin store with some Mario and Luigi overalls or a green adventurer outfit in tribute to Link to go and rub shoulders with other competitors.

No indication either on the possibility of playing with PC and PS4 players, or how the catch-up of previous seasons will be done for new players. An announcement therefore as cloudy as it is stingy in additional information on this late arrival of Fall Guys at Nintendo.

It remains to be hoped that Fall Guys will know how to play its cards better while waiting for its official release on Nintendo Switch, because even if the popularity of the title is maintained enough to continue to attract third-party publishers thirsty for collaborations, it will surely take more to find a comfortable place on Switch and seduce the few players who would have missed out on the dubious ragdoll battle royale experience.


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