Fall asleep on the table every afternoon and harms your health - Photo 1.

Fall asleep on the table every afternoon and harms your health

Spinal deformity

The spine is the first organ on the body to be influenced by your sleeping posture on each table. Sleeping on the table for a long time makes the upper half of the body always under pressure. The muscles in the neck, shoulders and back are strained, causing pain and can deform the cervical spine or sternum. A person who frequently sleeps like this can experience a cervical spine that can change in the downward direction, like a C-shaped figure. Also, it creates an imbalance between the shoulders and neck. , one side shrinks, one side relaxes. Thereby causing diseases related to the spine, nerves or muscle tension.

This position creates uneven pressure on your spine, particularly the pressure on the lower back. Over time, the discs become worn out, overloading the ligaments and joints, and your back muscles become stiff, gradually leading to disc herniation or spondylosis.

Injury of arm nerves

When falling asleep on a sleeping table or holding a chin to sleep, the elbows need to bend outward, the angle of curvature is quite large or leaning on the table, but the nerve is in place where the inner nerve is extremely shallow, right in the middle of the skin and bones, very vulnerable to long-term compression, altering the pathology of the cylindrical wire, or the nerve sticking, causing painful ring finger and pinky finger, called "syndrome Cubital tunnel ", if serious can appear" hand shape ".

Obstructing breathing, compressing the heart, adversely affects the circulatory and cerebrovascular system

The posture of falling on the table also narrows the chest cavity, resulting in your lungs having less space to expand when breathing, which limits the air entering the lungs and the amount of oxygen entering your blood.

Falling on the table simultaneously puts enormous pressure on the arteries of the neck, causing blood, currently less oxygen than normal to slow down the flow rate, causing the brain to lose more oxygen. After waking up, symptoms of hypoxic anemia include dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus. Over time, these effects will cause temporary dysfunction of the nervous system of plants, causing limbs to become numb, tense, difficult to work.

So the afternoon sleep on the desk is a long-term injury to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, the future may also lead to the formation of chronic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. If you suddenly notice signs such as weakness in your arms and legs, elevate your arms but your hands fall, or your face is heavy, difficult to move, see your doctor right away, these are signs that usually occur one week before of stroke, and when 70% of people with stroke can't go back to work, be careful never to be overweight.

Increased pressure on the stomach

After lunch, the stomach was tense, falling asleep on the table, causing you to bend, causing stomach pressure. This increases the burden for peristalsis, in addition to the body needs more blood flowing to the stomach, easily due to heart anemia, is not conducive to normal peristalsis of the stomach, reducing digestion, easy to create Abdominal symptoms, causing chronic gastritis. This may be the main cause of the high rate of gastrointestinal diseases of the Eastern people.

Fall asleep on the table every afternoon and harms your health - Photo 2.

To ensure health, as well as having the most comfortable lunch break, you should create conditions for you to be able to sleep, a sleeping bag or a yoga mat that will be very helpful at noon in crowded places. During lunch you should not eat greasy, indigestion, and should not eat too much. You should not sleep well after eating, talk to people around 5-10p before sleeping so that your stomach has time to work.

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