Fake IP Taiwan way to get free PUBG Mobile
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Fake IP Taiwan way to get free PUBG Mobile

When PUBG Mobile has a new event, the publisher will have certain rewards for gamers. These rewards can be items that can be used to change clothes, or event items used to change into crates.

Recently, PUBG Mobile server Taiwan has a series of rewards for the event reaching 600,000 pre-registrations. A lot of valuable rewards have been sent to gamers, if you also want to receive these rewards, please follow the instructions below.

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Guide to fake ip Taiwan PUBG Mobile to receive Free rewards

First, to fake ip PUBG Mobile to TaiWan server, you need to go to FlyVPN app, click Register Now to register app account.

Next, please write the information such as email account, click Send an E-Mail to receive the confirmation code and fill in the section. Verification Code. Then enter the FlyVPN account password and click Start free trial is to be.

Sign up for FlyVPNEnter account information

After completing the account registration, you will be transferred to the main interface of the application. To get IP TaiWan you click on the three-bar icon as shown below, next select FreeScroll down and you’ll see the Taiwan VPN.

FlyVPN main interfaceSelect IP Taiwan

If you checked the Taiwan IP star, in Favorites you will see the added Taiwan IP address. Next, go to the screen, click the FlyVPN switch, if you see Connected, it’s done.

Add IP TaiWanSwitch IP to Taiwan

Next, go to PUBG Mobile, remember that before you fake IP in Taiwan, you must completely turn off PUBG Mobile before entering. In PUBG Mobile, open your mailbox, if you find any strange mail with a file attached, it will be a reward letter.

PUBG Mobile mailbox

Click Mail, and then click Collect to receive a reward. There will be a total of 4 letters you can receive.

PUBG Mobile Rewards

And of course indispensable item rewards, which will include parachute skins, weapons, clothes … and not all of them are permanent.

Get rewarded PUBG Mobile skin

When Fake IP goes to Taiwan server, maybe when entering the game, it will take a little longer than Vietnam server. However, to receive attractive rewards, it is also worth it. Wish you have valuable items when opening Crates in the game.


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