Fake IP Russian way to receive gifts in PUBG Mobile
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Fake IP Russian way to receive gifts in PUBG Mobile

Recently, the PUBG Mobile Vietnam gaming community is spreading hands around the law to get free gifts in PUBG Mobile. Specifically, players will use fake IP apps on their existing phones to the area where gifts are being received.

And when fake ip to the address of the country where such a gift is being held, players will receive a lot of valuable and free gifts in the PUBG Mobile game. It will be located in the PUBG Mobile event folder or event folder

Many gamers using this trick have fake ip Taiwan to receive gifts from PUBG Mobile and now they are redirected to the second country, Russia. Below is the fake IP Russian guide to receive free gifts from PUBG Mobile.

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Video tutorial fake ip Russian to receive gifts in PUBG Mobile

Instructions to fake Russian ip to receive gifts in PUBG Mobile

First, to fake IP to Russia to receive gifts, use Panda VPN Pro application. Next login your account by clicking Sign UP > Next there will be a sequence of numbers Digital Account on top of. Below you enter your password and email and click NextNext, once logged into the application, click on the IP display.

Panda VPN Choose IP Panda VPN

Next, the list of servers will be displayed, scroll down and select Russia server to fake ip Nga. There will be three options for fake Russian IP, next click Allow to accept Panda VPN enabled VPN on your device.

Choose IP Panda VPN Allow IP Panda VPN

Next go to the main screen if you see Connected it was successful already. Now open PUBG Mobile. Note that don’t open PUBG Mobile before using Panda VPN.

Allow IP Panda VPN

Then launch PUBG Mobile. Different from fake ip Taiwan, players will go to Events to receive rewards.

PUBG Mobile events

In the daily events table, click the item Log in 7 days to receive the reward. In 7 days you will receive rewards that the event has for gamers. Note that if you then turn off Fake IP Russia, this 7-day Login section will not appear.

Allow IP Panda VPN

So with the fake ip to Russia to receive free gifts from PUBG Mobile. With these gifts, however, it does not help much for gamers. But the fake Russian ip to receive free rewards in PUBG Mobile is always attractive to gamers who are new to playing or do not recharge much in PUBG Mobile.


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