FaceID and many other camera features on the iPhone were accused of "plagiarism" - VnReview

FaceID and many other camera features on the iPhone were accused of “plagiarism” – VnReview

According to the Apple InsiderApple is involved in a lawsuit alleging that it infringes intellectual property rights by copying many ideas related to camera features in an engineer’s patent to apply to the iPhone.

On February 4, a lawsuit was filed in the western district court of Texas (USA) with the content accusing Apple of deliberately violating five patents describing the camera on smartphones. Specifically, these patents provide detailed information on technologies that can “assist users to interact with their smartphones”, including camera unlocking tools, photography, video recording, and others. Other features of the smartphone camera.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit is Gesture Technology Partners, LLC, founded by Dr. Timothy Pryor in 2013. At the same time, Pryor is also the sole owner and inventor of the five patents that Apple has. violate. In which, there are three patents that have been widely published.

According to the content of the lawsuit, a series of features on Apple’s iPhone cameras are built to resemble Pryor’s patents and the US company allegedly violating intellectual property rights. This list includes some prominent features on the iPhone including FaceID, Smart HDR image mode, optical image stabilization (OIS).

Worth mentioning, the lawsuit mentioned that Apple and Dr. Pryor had a working relationship before. “Apple bought patents and technology from Dr. Pryor in the past, including his 2010 patent on ‘multi-touch’.”, according to the content stated in the patent. Subsequently, Dr. Pryor also assists Apple in asserting its multi-touch portfolio against HTC.

The lawsuit states that Dr. Pryor opened up to Apple the right to legal access to his patents. Although Apple later sent a response, it did not give information about the consent or avoid infringement of intellectual property. Therefore, the plaintiff sued claims that Apple intentionally infringed on the patents and caused damage to the owners of the patents.

In addition to the camera features, the patent also describes many other categories of technologies such as “Camera Interaction Instructions” and “Camera sensors on handhelds, smartphones, game consoles and other devices. other electronics “. Currently, Mr. Pryor’s side is asking the jury to hear the case satisfactorily as well as decide that Apple is violating intellectual property rights. In addition, the plaintiff also forced Apple to pay compensation for the theft and damage caused to the company.

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