Facebook will track your eye movements

Facbook believes that the new technology will enhance the experience and security for users, though in fact can do more harm than good.

Facebook said it plans to develop technology to track user’s eye movements. Facebook announced this in writing to the US Congress during the recent information leak hearing.

According to Facebook, the company does not immediately develop this technology right now but leaves the possibility open in the future. “We are always trying to develop new technologies and ways to improve our services,” the company spokesperson said.

Facebook believes eye tracking technology will enhance the user experience. Photo: BI.


The social network believes that technology also enhances the user experience while enhancing security, especially when integrated into its Oculus virtual reality glasses. Specifically, users will control applications, objects on the screen through their eyes.

However, this technology is also suspected to help Facebook collect the maximum user data. At the last hearing, Facebook said it collected information such as mouse movements, device battery life of users.

Dai Viet
* Source: zing News


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