study from facebook to buy user data

Facebook wants to pay for your personal data

Today, Facebook has launched the application Study from Facebook only on Android, with the aim of collecting user data in a "main way". This application is a less "mysterious" approach of Facebook in getting personal information from participants.

Application Study will warn you that Facebook will get information about which applications on your device, the time and name of the features you use on those programs. Facebook will also update the country in which you currently reside, what device you are using, and the type of connection.

Facebook is planning to recruit adults living in the US and India aged 18 and over. Facebook will display ads on its own application or on other applications for people who do not use this social network. Study will be available in other countries but not in the current trial period.

Click on ad, you will be redirected to the website Applause, research partner of Facebook in the application program Study. From here, you will be informed about the partnership with FbYour data will be collected, what compensation you receive and how you can reject the application.

All that the participant needs is an account PayPal to check age crossings on your Facebook profile and check user age accuracy. There is no non-disclosure agreement (NDA), so participants can freely talk about this program with other individuals.

Facebook will not collect user IDs and passwords Study.

Anyone can download the application Study from Google Play Store, but only those approved through Applause can log in and use the application. You will receive periodic notifications about the sale of your data to Facebook and the ability to decline at any time.

Wages and privacy

If you choose to maintain, Facebook will compensate you for the data you give up. Facebook details the amount to compensate for the participants, but according to Project Atlas, which no longer exists, reports figures up to $ 20 per month.

Facebook notes that they will not collect user IDs, passwords or content you share with others. In addition, Facebook will not sell data from Study applications to third parties or use data to distribute targeted ads.

On the one hand, Study application can lead to Facebook incorporating new features into its applications, such as screen sharing or extended group video chat. On the other hand, the application Study adds fuel to the fire from people, especially politicians, who care about Facebook's privacy and data collection.

Overall, Study came at a strange time for Facebook. Social networks are facing pressure from antitrust regulators and are still feeling the effects of scandal. Cambridge Analytics. Whether people appreciate Facebook or not and hand over data at a price is only time to respond.


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