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Facebook users will soon be able to retract a message after sending it


After TechCrunch revealed that Facebook could delete Mark Zuckerberg’s sent messages, the company immediately “corrected”, saying it would soon deploy a “Unsend” button for Messenger.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook’s announcement said the “Unsend” feature will be available to all Messenger app users in the next few months, although the company has not provided details on how the new “button” works.

Currently, the secret chat mode (end-to-end encryption deployed for about 1 billion users) also has a feature that allows users to set up messages to self-destruct after a certain time. ). However, all parties exchanging in this mode will be notified when the duration of the message will expire.


A Facebook spokesperson said of the Unsend feature: “We have discussed the feature many times. And now we will make the delete feature available to a wider audience. It takes time. Until this feature becomes available, we will not delete any messages from company leaders. We should have done this earlier, and we are sorry we did not. ” .

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Facebook has implemented the “unsend” feature in some of its other products in the past. WhatsApp was granted this feature since last year, allowing users to retract messages for a short time after sending them.

However, the message did not simply disappear completely. Instead of the position of the message, video or picture deleted by the sender is the message “this message has been deleted”.

Social network Instagram also has a “unsend” feature that allows users to “wipe the trail” in a way that has never been sent. Unless, of course, the recipient has seen the message or the notification system has signaled.


Under normal circumstances, Instagram users simply long press on the desired message and select the “unsend” button to remove it from chat history. In this scenario, the recipient will not be notified of the message being withdrawn.

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