Facebook users may soon have to pay

Facebook’s chief operating officer stressed that they do not sell or pass on user information to advertisers, but the services Facebook provides depends on user data.

Facebook users may have to pay to completely remove their information from being used for targeted advertising, according to Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sheryl Sandberg.

When asked if Facebook could offer a tool that allows users to press a button to limit the social network’s use of their personal data for advertising, Ms. Sanberg replied that the company there are different formats for exclusion.


However, there is never a time when pressing a button will solve everything, Ms. Sandberg said. “We cannot completely remove advertising at the highest level. Facebook can become a paid product ”.

Sheryl Sandberg’s latest statements come at a time when the Facebook user profile scandal was spreading. An estimated 87 million profiles of users’ personal information were sent to political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.

Image: Wall Street Journal.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has apologized for Facebook’s role in the personal information disclosure scandal, and he will have to testify before Congress on April 11, 2018. Zuckerberg has also been required to testify before authorities in the UK and the European Union.

User information disclosure starts with an application that collects the information of Facebook users and their friends. This data was then passed on to Cambridge Analytica. Facebook banned the app in 2015 and said it had received reassurance from Cambridge Analytica that the previously collected user data had been deleted. However, the reality is not so.


Facebook has received many criticisms for not checking whether user data has been deleted, Facebook COO has also admitted.

“We have been legally assured that they delete data,” Sandberg told NBC. However, we have not been carefully audited and that’s why we have to do this now ”.

Ms. Sandberg stressed that Facebook does not sell or pass on user information to advertisers, but the service Facebook provides depends on user data.

She said that some businesses wanted to implement targeted advertising programs, Facebook guided them to see some users, but did not provide personal information to advertising companies.

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