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Facebook stops automatically scanning a user's face

Facebook has a feature that automatically scans faces in photos, so it can identify the person in the photo and suggest tagging. After a series of security scandals and user information leaks, Facebook has had to change many of its policies, including automatic face scanning.

Accordingly, Facebook will terminate the default automatic scan of the user's face. Instead, Facebook adds a custom setting, which allows users to control whether or not they want their social network to scan their faces.

This option will be turned off by default for new users, and will display a notification if it has been enabled. However, Facebook notes that users should enable this feature. Because it has an effect of detecting other people posting your image without consent.

Earlier, Facebook has also been sued for unauthorized use of the "face detection" feature without user's permission. But this is also a feature that many other platforms like Twitter or Google Photo use, so it can affect other internet giants.

Reference: mspoweruser

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