Facebook releases the Facebook Watch service globally

After more than a year since the announcement of the video streaming platform called Watch but limited to the US, Facebook has now launched the service worldwide.

Follow Neowin, Facebook Watch is a competitor to companies like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer and Instagram TV. Since its launch, more than 50 million people in the US watch videos every month for at least 1 minute on Watch and the total time spent watching videos on Facebook Watch has increased 14 times since the beginning of 2018. With Watch, users can have a two-way content conversation with friends, fans or even the ad itself.

In addition to launching Watch globally, manufacturers based in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the US will be able to start monetizing their videos using a feature called Ad. Breaks.

Facebook Watch has begun to be rolled out globally. Source: Facebook.

Facebook says the company has worked hard to ensure that Ad Breaks brings a good experience to partners and the community. Ad Breaks revenue is split 55% for content creators and 45% for Facebook.

Finally, Facebook is working to ensure revenue growth for creators. The social media giant is considering offering branded content as well as subscribing – which has been deployed to a select few creators before expanding to the outside soon.

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