Facebook launches transparent advertising tool around the globe

Facebook recently announced it is launching advertising transparency tools around the globe, including the Ad Library, so people can manage it better.

According to Neowin, Ad Library is a tool that allows users to view political ads, find out who paid them and view other information such as the number of impressions and languages ​​of those who viewed them. In addition, the Ad Library API helps third parties build tools to use Ad Library data.

Facebook is opening up the process for authorizing advertisers who want to post ads on social, election or political issues. Although the authorization process is open globally, Facebook will not actively detect or review ads in many countries, but it still encourages advertisers to authorize themselves to better prepare them for the Legal scene rapidly developing.

Facebook wants more transparency in advertising activities on this platform. Photo: AFP.

Facebook has announced that it will launch active enforcement in Ukraine and Canada from now on, and then deploy it in Singapore and Argentina in a few months. These countries have been selected because new elections or regulations are about to be implemented.

Finally, the company announced that it will deploy the Ad Library API globally so that managers, journalists and others can build data insertion tools to provide more useful information to the public. . Facebook hopes that with these changes, elections around the world will become more fair and less manipulated.

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