Sforum - Latest technology information page Facebook-Holds-Talks - With-CFTC-OVer-Global-Coin-Cryptocurrency Facebook prepares to launch its own cryptocurrency in June

Facebook is preparing to launch its own cryptocurrency in June

The report shows that Facebook's new crypto currency will be ready for release soon in June with the support of many users.

Last month, some rumors leaked that Facebook will prepare to launch a crypto currency of its own named "GlobalCoin", expected to be released in about 10 countries in early 2020. However, the latest report confirmed that Facebook may launch this virtual currency right in June with the support of many users.

Specifically, new information indicates that the new Facebook encrypted currency will be able to be used across countries without losing any kind of transaction fees. Facebook employees who are working on this virtual money project are allowed to pay with Facebook's encryption money instead of using real money.

The new crypto type is not only used in the Facebook platform but can also be used between Facebook applications, including WhatsApp and Messenger. Facebook believes that this new cryptocurrency will help users in countries with high volatility rates that can easily trade more internationally. Not only that, Facebook is also ambitious that its encryption can be used through existing ATM trees.

Sforum - The latest technology information page Facebook-Crypto Facebook prepares to launch its own cryptocurrency in June.

It is unclear whether Vietnam is on the list of countries that are supported by Facebook's new crypto currency. With the launch date near, we will also witness many interesting things coming from this cryptocurrency in the future.

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