Facebook headquarters attacked by Sarin neurotoxin? - Photo 1.

Facebook headquarters attacked by Sarin neurotoxin?

Recently, the dangerous warning system at Facebook's mail control center in Menlo Park, California, discovered a package that could contain Sarin neurotoxin. According to USA Today, there are 2 Facebook employees suspected of being infected with Sarin. These employees immediately get medical assistance.

Facebook immediately issued an evacuation order for 4 buildings next to the mail control center. The authorities were also at the scene to investigate with the Facebook case.

After a period of testing, employees in 3 of the 4 evacuated buildings can return to work. Meanwhile, two employees suspected of being exposed to Sarin do not have any health abnormalities. Even so, they still need to be thoroughly examined, following the medical procedures.

"3 of the 4 evacuated buildings can return to operation. The safety of staff is our number one priority", Facebook announced to the media.

According to director Menlo Park, Mr. Harold Schapelhouman, Facebook uses a system that can detect dangerous substances to check all mail and packages sent. The system detected Sarin poison and sent alerts to Facebook and the fire department.

"Facebook's system announces the discovery of Sarin, but we still don't know if it's Sarin or not. We need to examine and test more carefully before making a conclusion", Mr. Schapelhouman shared.

Sarin, also known as NATO, GB, is a powerful poison, used as a neurotoxin. In the military field, it is used as a chemical weapon and classified into the United Nations as a weapon of mass destruction. The production and storage of Sarin is prohibited by the 1993 Chemical Weapons Agreement.

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