Facebook builds a ‘healthy’ advertising tool

The world’s largest social network is redirecting their activities by developing new advertising tools.

According to the Cnet, Facebook is building a set of tools to force advertising agencies to obtain permission from the user to use their personal information.

The above set of tools will be integrated in Facbook’s customer customization feature, which helps ad units to upload to customer lists. Facebook will then use encrypted data from that list to match other people on Facebook, thereby helping the third party navigate ads accordingly.


“We always create conditions for advertisers to freely use information on Facebook. However, Facebook wants them to be responsible for using that information,” said Elisabeth Diana, Facebook spokesperson. .

Last month, Facebook got caught up in charges of disclosing information of 50 million users to Cambridge Analytica, the political data company hired during the 2016 presidential election campaign.

According to the CNBC, for each violation, Facebook can be fined up to 40,000 USD. If multiplied by the 50 million users affected, the penalty that Facebook suffered (in theory) could reach $ 2 trillion, a huge and unrealistic figure.

Before that, CEO Facebook also appeared on CNN and The New York Times to apologize to the user for the incident that leaked the information of 50 million customers. “If we cannot protect user data, we do not deserve to serve you,” said the CEO of Facebook.


Anh Thi
* Source: zing News


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