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Facebook allows users to "sell" data to get money through new applications

In the context of Facebook being caught up in user privacy scandals, would anyone dare to sell data in exchange for a small amount of money each month?

Yesterday, Facebook launched the "Study from Facebook" application for the Android platform. This application is said to be one of Facebook's efforts in collecting users' public data by paying for research candidates.

Accordingly, this Study application will collect data about applications installed on the user's computer, the time users use these applications, and the names of features used by users in the other application. Other data including country, device name and network type will also be collected publicly.

Facebook said the company is planning to recruit candidates over 18 years old in the US and India for this research program through advertising. The company will display "recruited" ads right inside the Facebook application and other applications for both Facebook users and non-Facebook users.

After clicking on the ad, the user will be redirected to Applause's website, which is the main research partner for Facebook's Study project. At the website, Applause will notify users of the details of the research program, how to participate, the amount of money that users receive for the collected data and how to unsubscribe after participating.

Users will need to have a PayPal account in order to receive compensation. Facebook does not disclose how much compensation the candidates will have for the company's data collection, but with the company's previous Project Atlas project, the company pays users $ 20 a month ( equivalent to about VND 460,000).

Facebook said that the company will not collect private data such as user ID, password or other content that users share, as well as pledge not to sell the collected data to third parties for axis advertising benefits.

Study from Facebook application is launched right in the context of Facebook is facing a lot of allegations related to the leakage of user data. It is not clear whether there will be anyone who dares to "sell" their private data in exchange for a small amount of money each month. Paying users to get personal data will be one of the ways to "legalize" data collection, as well as help Facebook not encounter any privacy issues by choice. "Selling" data is determined by the user.

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Article source: Android Authority

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