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Facebook account blocked due to birth date error

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Facebook does not allow accounts to be created by children under 13 – this is the rule. For this reason, the social network blocks accounts suspected of belonging to children and does not even validate user accounts, with the birthday entered with a minimum age error when filling out the form. Note that accounts with access can, of course, have their data changed, such as the wrong name and date of birth – it is perfectly possible. However, if they do not have access, they will be covered by the minimum age requirement. See why Facebook blocks accounts for children under 13 and what you can do to remedy the problem, in the continuation of the article.

  • Facebook reactivates account blocked for wrongdoing or error of minimum age required?

  • How to change the birthday on Facebook accounts with access

Facebook has account supervisors in every corner of the world. They have the specific function of securing accounts, age being one of the most important aspects verified with regard to personal data, as it implies child protection on the web – nothing can go unnoticed. If failures happened in the past, today is very rare, when it comes to age.

Facebook reactivates account blocked for wrongdoing or error of minimum age required?

  • For Facebook to unblock an account suspected of having circumvented the minimum age of 13 years – because it was created by a minor, by mistake at the time of or because it was fraud detected when filling out the form – you will need to prove that you are over the minimum age required to unlock it. Although, this is a task of the order of ‘almost impossible’, but it is suggested that the user access the help of the social network. To find out how, we suggest reading the article Contact Facebook. Remember, the data indicated in this article may change without notice from the social network.
  • In the case of a typo occurs when creating the account, it will simply not be confirmed, so it will be blocked before you even open the home page. As a rule, there is no point in filling out another form or correcting it. The social network already has its identity saved on its servers at the wrong age, not allowing to change this data … for security. Try, you will not miss anything, talk to Facebook support. See the article Send photo document to facebook to learn how to prove your identity.

Now you know, a wrong age problem that violates the minimum age required by the social network, has no easy solution or 100% possible, that you are under 13 years old, are a hacker or have just forgotten your password and discover that you had ago, you entered your wrong age – the age will be verified and you will not be able to recover your account or create another one. Unless technical support addresses your problem, which is very rare! It’s worth trying.

How to change the birthday on Facebook accounts with access

It is very simple to change the birthday in the account profile (with access). Follow these steps: click on the profile photo at the top of the home page on the right to open the drop-down menu> On > Basic and contact information on the left menu. Now scroll down and, in the date of birth click on the pencil icon, right and make the change. Before leaving this screen, remember to To save, to validate the changes.

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