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FaceApp: "Old" photography application is collecting user data for bad purposes?

The Vietnamese brothers as well as the world in the past few days racing each other to download an application called FaceApp, take a selfie photo, then the software automatically adjusts the old brother's face, the purpose of making fun laugh for everyone. But after the cheery laughter, maybe this application is using your data in a way that you don't want at all.

Network security experts have warned about the application by Wireless Lab, a small application writing studio from Russia. Based on the terms of use of the application, do not exclude the possibility that your personal data will be misused to no good. Robert Siciliano, network security expert at Safr.Me said: "People think that images edited from this application are funny so keep your eyes closed and share on social networks." Everyone released ‘Haha’ because of the mocking photo. But in fact, this application itself in that process collected data on faces of so many people.

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Do you still remember that scandal is making Facebook stand with Cambridge Analytica? They also created a similar viral application on social networks, a quiz called "This is Your Digital Life". Hundreds of thousands, even millions of people play mini games without knowing that they "donated" their personal data to Cambridge Analytica for free, a third party has no control over user data. as Facebook itself. Such data includes both the call history, the message content, and the location data of the device you use. After that, these data are analyzed and thereby the corresponding ads will show up Facebook users' news feed in the 2016 US presidential election. Facebook is in danger of paying a $ 5 billion fine for this scandal.

The way FaceApp collects user data is the same way that Cambridge Analytica does. They create an application that makes everyone race to use, the more users the more data they collect.

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Mr. Siciliano added: "There are many concerns about applications and Russian companies being forced to hand over the data they collect." Go back to the "old" photography application. It becomes hot after many celebrities use and upload photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. FaceApp's privacy rules have clearly stated, that "Can transfer information collected by the application, including personal information from one country to another."

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Users of this application will have to upload images to the cloud server, and those photos can be completely used in other countries, including Russia, where Wireless Lab operates. This provision does not mention how Wireless Lab protects FaceApp users' data, except that there is information that the server stores your photos taken in the US. However, Wireless Lab says the collected data is processed so it cannot be used to identify anyone's identity.

Except for the possibility, the huge amount of data collected by FaceApp will be used to "train" the face recognition systems. When you start using FaceApp, you default to giving it the right to "use, reproduce, edit, change …" data that you provide to the application. The danger is that, not many people read the application rules.


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