FaceApp material has just fun photo editing application

FaceApp material has just fun photo editing application

These days on different social networking platforms flourishes the movement of correcting the image of my face in the old form via FaceApp application. It is worth mentioning here that with the users providing a large amount of information about their own faces, this application will stop at being a fun or secretly photo-editing application to steal information. user information.

The collection of user information is no longer too hot, but it has never been noticed. Especially after Facebook was officially investigated on this issue and broke many things about social networks in general today. Browser platforms like Chrome or anything else using Chromium core are also collecting special user information, Coc Coc.

Of course, by a reason or some word developers always insert that right in the legal texts that our users often never read but only accept. FaceApp is also the same, with the evaluation of the user's tastes, when installing this application, there will be regulations and access rights and of course for those who are anxious to try the very hot feature today. they never clicked and accepted it without reading it carefully.

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<p>With FaceApp, to use this application you have to put your face photo to run the algorithm to turn you "old" away. And we don't know, besides that, does FaceApp collect our image data for something else.</p>
<p>Network security experts have also warned about this application programmed by Wireless Lab, a small studio in Russia. With the terms of use of FaceApp does not exclude the possibility that our personal data may be misused to the wrong purpose. Everyone sees these images funny so keep sharing on social networks without thinking. And this is also the act of abetting the face data collection of many users.</p>
<p>Many people think that their data is not as important as famous stars or singers, and it is not a big deal to be collected just for advertising. But imagine that there are organizations that are ransoming their own by using your "face" without needing to get any advice or permission. Or even more negatively you may be being sold on deepweb pages or by a face that attracts the look you are being tracked and traced.</p>
<p>Previously Facebook also created a "10-year-old" effect that kind of meant users would post 2 photos, one was 10 years ago, to share how they had changed in 10 years. by. And these images are used to train Facebook AI on how to recognize people's lifespan.</p>
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Or more recently, the Facebook scandal with Cambridge Analytica. They create a viral application with a quiz called "This is your digital life". Hundreds of thousands or even millions of participants without even knowing they had "donated" their data to Cambridge Analytica, this third party had no responsibility for controlling user information like Facebook. The data includes call history, message content and even location data to advertise the US presidential election. Facebook is at risk of paying a $ 5 billion fine for this.

Back to FaceApp, the way this application collects user information is the same way that Cambridge Analytica does. The application itself was released in 2017 but after the new filter with extra algorithms or reduced facial wrinkles looks so real that the online community is racing to follow this movement. With the current digital age, what is the movement on the Internet, the more users and the more they collect. People who use social networking sites themselves are not afraid to expose their information online without thinking.

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<p>The Senator also asked the FBI to investigate the FaceApp application because it did not exclude the possibility that the company was forced to hand over the data they could collect. This amount of data can train a face recognition system and potentially both unpredictable and negative points.</p>
<p>On the other hand, FaceApp has always said that collected data is processed to not be used to identify anyone's identity and will be deleted within 48 hours.</p>
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