Eyes dark circles is a manifestation of what disease? Treatment of blurred vision at home okay?

Eyes dark circles is a manifestation of what disease? Treatment of blurred vision at home okay?

Dark circles eyes are a condition many people face. Not only affects the aesthetics, dark eyes can also be a sign of a disease that you are suffering from. So Dark circles eye is what disease? Treatment of atopic eyes at home or not? Let Quantrimang.com learn through the sharing below!

What dark circles eyes can be a sign of?

Referring to dark circles, many people will immediately think about how it affects their appearance without even knowing that it could be a sign of many diseases such as:

Endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation

On red light days, if you have dark circles under your eyes that are long and have heavy periods of menstrual bleeding or uterine bleeding, you may have hormonal disorders, irregular periods. In this case, you need to see a doctor, take measures to regulate menstruation to gradually return to a stable state, from which the dark circles under the eyes will quickly disappear.

Dark circles eye is what disease

Hormonal disorders can cause dark circles

Impaired renal function

Dark circles eyes can be a sign of some kidney diseases such as glomerulonephritis, kidney stones … When suffering from these diseases, kidney function will weaken, which will eventually affect the “health” of other skin areas. , including the skin under the eyes. Therefore, if you have dark circles that last for many days, you should actively visit your doctor and can perform some urine tests, kidney ultrasound to determine if you have kidney problems, Since then there are appropriate treatment directions.


Anemia due to iron deficiency leads to lack of oxygen to feed the entire body and cause eye dark circles. To improve, you need to build a scientific diet, eat plenty of iron-containing foods so that you can quickly make up for the lack of blood such as spinach, broccoli, kale, pig liver …


Eye dark circles is what disease? In fact, not only the kidneys, dark circles can also indicate that your liver is weakening due to diseases such as hepatitis, liver failure … The longer the liver function declines, the dark circles under the eyes appear. show longer. At this time, we need to reduce the pressure on the liver, replenish the nutrients and treat the liver disease. If effective, the dark circles under the eyes will also gradually disappear.

Dark circles eyes are an indication of what disease

Eye dark circles due to impaired liver function

Have a nasal allergy

When we have a nasal allergy, we often sneeze a lot along with a runny nose. If this condition persists, it will affect the veins below the eye, eventually dark circles will appear. To prevent, we, especially those who are too sensitive, should avoid exposure to dust and smoke, pay attention to stay healthy, avoid getting cold, cause nasal allergies, stimulate the airway leading to sneezing.

Is it possible to treat dark circles at home?

After studying what dark circles eyes is, surely what many of you will be interested in now is how to treat dark circles at home and how to treat them.

In fact, when prolonged dark circles are accompanied by some abnormal signs of health, the first thing you need to do is to see a specialist to determine if you have a medical condition. In the case of dark circles eyes due to a certain disease, it can only improve when the disease is treated completely.

how to cure dark circles eyes

When eye dark circles persist, see a specialist

On the contrary, if you suffer from dark circles under your eyes due to eating habits and lack of scientific activities such as: poor diet, frequent late-night sleep, inadequate sleep, frequent sun exposure without protection for skin areas Under the eyes, the body is dehydrated, smoking and using stimulants … it can be treated at home with natural ingredients, specialized products and types of eye massage machines with functional remove dark circles. Of course, in order for dark circles to disappear quickly, you have to change these unhealthy habits.

Hope our article will help you out Dark circles eye is what disease And can it be treated at home? Visit Quantrimang.com every day to share more useful information!


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