Extreme gaming chair E-Dra Nemesis "super smooth" for Vietnamese gamers

Extreme gaming chair E-Dra Nemesis “super smooth” for Vietnamese gamers

Emerging in the past 2 years, in addition to products with delicious – nutritious – cheap criteria for gamers, gaming gear company E-Dra has no shortage of high-end names that bring great experiences. Recently, the Nemesis EGC221 chair continues to “stir”, surprised by its high quality compared to the price that this product owns.

For those of you who have experience with gaming chairs, you will surely find the E-Dra Nemesis EGC221 familiar. This is a very successful chair design, can say has become the standard, as it appeared on the AKRacing Premium line.

The special thing about this design is that the back of the chair is curved and hugged inside, creating a comfortable and “fit” maximum for the occupants. For E-Dra Nemesis EGC221, Vietnamese gamers will feel the fit, the entire back is embraced, smooth and without any gaps.

Ultimate E-Dra Nemesis gaming chair super smooth for Vietnamese gamers - Photo 2.

Nemesis EGC221 is designed exclusively for Vietnamese forms

The superiority of E-Dra Nemesis EGC221 is also shown when the company opts for super thick monolithic pads. The cushion structure that makes up the back of this product is not simply made of 1 large foam like the basic models, but it is curved and assembled from at least 3 pads including 1 pad at middle and 2 side pads. All the pads are cut very flat and super thick, on the market very few types of gaming chairs priced at $ 5 million have “huge” thickness like the E-Dra Nemesis EGC221.

The seat butt is also very suitable for Vietnamese people, focusing mainly on the quality of the premium anti-settlement cushion and the large thickness, slightly sloping back, making the E-Dra Nemesis EGC221 feel Sit like the seats of a premium sports car.

Belonging to the company’s most premium and quality product line, that’s why the E-Dra Nemesis EGC221 is equipped with the best options. Specifically, the frog-style pedestal system is super stable and features a great 15-degree rocking. The aluminum alloy foot system is super strong and beautiful with class 4 hydraulic cylinder with a load capacity of 150 Kg. That is why the level of E-Dra Nemesis EGC221 is “unbeatable”.

A strong point on the E-Dra Nemesis EGC221 is that the seat’s upholstery is of very good quality.With the egonomic ergonomic chair form and many curves, but the leather upholstery is quite flat, this is also a great effort. from E-Dra to bring the best finishes in the price range.

Ultimate E-Dra Nemesis gaming chair super smooth for Vietnamese gamers - Photo 5.

As a very “delicious” product, this is a prominent name for you to shop to enjoy this Tet holiday. For more detailed reference, you can see HERE.

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