Why League of Legends: Toc Chien has not announced a release date?

Express Chien could not announce the launch date

In the second half of 2019, League of Legends: Toc Chien (LoL Toc Chien) is a game that attracts the great attention of the gaming community in the world. The game is a mobile successor of the hit PC version, one of the “big brothers” of the world’s eSports game industry.

Since the 10th anniversary of League of Legends, many rumors about testing the mobile version. But so far the product has not been released and the developer has not announced any official. This makes a lot of players feel anxious and looking forward. Where is the cause?

League of Legends: Toc Chien is a key product of Riot Games

The League of Legends mobile version is a very important product for Riot itself as well as distribution and distribution representatives. This is a game that is shaping and making a new face in the mobile game market as well as esports.

LoL: Chien Chien is not merely a mobile game but also has a much bigger mission. Therefore, manufacturers need to invest, take care of the most in the design, production process even if only a demo test.

Riot not only produces League of Legends: Toc Chien

At the time of launching Toc Chien League, Riot also announced many parallel development clusters. That is the product of the strategy card game Legends of Runeterra, Arena of Truth Mobile (LMHT Teamflight Tactics), shooting game Project A, fighting game Project L. These will all be blockbuster and mass products. It won’t be small for the production team.

Therefore, it is understandable that the LoL game title with dual time is easy to understand. Riot needs more time and mobilizes many resources to develop multiple projects at the same time.

Attract more players in the process of waiting

Opening a pre-registration for LoL: Toc Chien is a move to explore the popularity and interest of players for the product.

Why League of Legends: Toc Chien has not announced a release date?

Riot seems to open the registration site before the game is quite fast, but the time of testing “buy time” pretty much. A blockbuster product also takes time to reach the vast majority of players. League of Legends: Toc Chien has a lot more subscribers.

So, our job is to wait for the Mobile Legends League to complete, ready to debut in the most complete way.


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