Expose Nokia device to test Android operating system for basic phones

Expose Nokia device to test Android operating system for basic phones

A basic model with the Nokia logo is being tested with an operating system that is said to be another version of Android or Chrome OS. The source code revealed that this basic model will have many of the same applications as on a regular Android phone, but the interface is designed to be suitable for use with hard keys.

A quick look at the interface running on a basic Nokia phone can be seen as a launcher of a popular Android phone, including familiar applications like Chrome browser, Youtube … as well as Google Assistant. The remaining unresponsive apps are in the square section of the app drawer. Two left and right buttons correspond to the view of application notification status and Settings. With the current command buttons, this operating system only lacks the ability to switch multitasking like Symbian time is enough to use.


With such leaked images, HMD Global seems to want to integrate a better operating system with Google than the KaiOS platform on the Nokia 8110 4G to overcome the limitations of services such as synchronization capabilities. Phonebook. However, the company will have to be more optimized to allow it to be able to operate with the popular phone hardware platform.

Source: 9to5Google

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