At the South An Do site, 5 companies have a picture of 1The scene of the explosion. (Source: ANI)

Indian police officials on January 22 said at least 5 mining workers were killed in South India when the truck carrying them with explosive materials.

Local media reported 11 possible death toll.

Police in the Shivamogga district of Kamataka state say the workers are transporting the ingots gelatin Usually used as explosives in quarries.

Kamataka, home to the Bengaluru technology center, has large quarries and minerals, but the safety of these mine worker didn’t get much interest.

Prime Minister Kamataka BS Yedyurappa said five people were confirmed dead and three people including the quarry owner have been arrested and the investigation is underway.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi condolences the families of the victims and pledged that the state government will provide all necessary assistance to those affected.

Thuc Anh (VNA / Vietnam +)