Explore the world famous "custom workshop" Liberty Walk

Explore the world famous “custom workshop” Liberty Walk

Lamborghini Aventador degrees Liberty Walk

Lamborghini – India at Liberty Walk is the largest car company in Japan.

Audi degrees Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk is a famous global supercar brand in terms of uniqueness, enthusiasm for the factory car and the willingness to play by the owner when coming to Liberty Walk.

Liberty Walk was established in 2005, although the workshop is famous globally but quite secretive, fans only know that the workshop is headquartered in Japan and has a large branch in the US.

Liberty Walk specializes in upgrading details from body shell, interior to engine from famous car manufacturers.

In addition, Liberty Walk also reprocesses drift racing cars or upgrades, the engine of the supercars helps the optimal speed of these cars increase significantly.

Speed ​​machines from the Liberty Walk supercar furnace are easy to recognize thanks to their special design.

Ferarri degrees Liberty Walk

Designs such as fighters, wide body, wheel rim extending to the sides are features that make the appearance of cars through the hands of the witch Liberty Walk very outstanding.

Information for those who love the styling of Liberty Walk is that there will be a branch in Vietnam coming.

Those who love to build cars will have the opportunity to upgrade their pet cars thanks to the hands of witches.

Expensive materials, modern technology and most of all, a pet car will be transformed from the unique ideas of the owner.

Super cow Lamborghini – Beautiful and passionate clothes

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